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Exodus II

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
By: Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE... And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: The African Juttah 2012

-Unto Niemyer and Bjamein Paui Kroff was born their first son, Preece Ebonee Be'le Kroff, and a daughter one year later Makeba Lael Kroff…
-Unto Tiffany and Nicholas Edin Coogan, was born their new twin sons Agurus Heus Coogan and Heus Agurus Coogan, and a daughter born unto them one year later, B. Karsiann Coogan.
-Unto Erica and Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymm was born their first and existing son Tristan Mikel Hymm and their newly born twin sons Covington Aldin Hymm and Carrington Aron Hymm.
-Unto Susan and Syefan Erin Coogan was born their existing son Jeremy Allen Coogan and their newly born daughter Shaughnessy Erin Coogan and an additional daughter one year later Amirah Jordan Coogan
-Unto Barbara and Bradford Ean Coogan was born their two existing sons, Jason Luke Coogan, Daniel Cameron Coogan and their newly born daughter, Myreah Raine Coogan.

TO Kill A Mocking Bird (TKAMB)

-Something inconceivable has happen to or doing the Juttah Preece graduating class prom night. T-Kamb, national terrorist, has been known for many things but to step up their attacks and in such a manner that has caused the death and injuries of hundreds, even thousands of teens. This alone will no doubt put them on a scale with some of the world’s unthinkable alike terrorist.
-Most of the non-suspecting teens, those looking to marry their high school sweets and go on to nuptial dorms to create professional careers together are now alienated from the real in ways unutterable. Of course many were now either dead or horribly and mentally horror-struck all wondering, even the born again what indeed had happen to their world?
-There’s Preece Ebone Be’le, B. Karsiann Coogan, Heus Agurus Coogan, Agurus Heus Coogan Chelsea Shiban Wellton,, Covington Aldin Hymm, Shaughessy Carrington Aron Hymm, Amirah Jordon Coogan look for them in the most romantic, prophetic, poetic and spiritually anticipated future of mankind, Beast of Beauty Fea. Preece Ebonee Be'le, you've just entered the African Juttah, wr. 1992-1996…Apb, The RAM…

The Exodus

-"You are certain my son that this is what you want to do?" "It is something Father I as a Holy Man of Ethiopia will have to do, I feel now is a good time" "Please father", as one coming close at loving his giant father, Bjamein Paui Kroff beyond description, respecting him just as so. "I've prepared for this day since my birth, I won't be alone in there, I will have the living spirits of my powerful forbearers.” “I will have the heart and living spirit of my love, even father it’s especial espousal, and truly the power of Eli.” “These trials of your only son will pain you yes, as so it pains my mother," as one glancing upon a stunning Niemyer remaining quiet for now, unresponsive, but one calculating intensely her son mention of a spouse, possibly Karsiann Coogan. “And these are but words that will by a hair's breadth comfort you but I say them no less, I will outlive death father.” “It will seek me my precious mother but like the Supreme’s Christ it will not prevail, this cleansing and purification await me." "It has always awaited me,” as one moving in close, looking with his father out into all the primitive housing and various tall trees throughout his jungle. Out into the persistent sun, into a far distant land, a very innocent yet hostile land that he, this Darius Juttah would more than conquer. “Much darkness,” as one joining them, did his model caliber mother, as so she was, did she as well join them, welcoming her sons lay upon her warm breast. “This vast emptiness and void stand ahead of our Preece Ebonee Be'le, yet my dear husband/Father our son tells us there is also a daylight." "This peace and abundance, of such eternal ones he with heart content seek after, it is more mother that seeking after thy son where it's to find him triumph, believe thou this." <<<"NOooooooo!, NO! "Kars, please, no!” Seeing clearly their yet missing daughter B. Karsiann, although she appeared as tranquil as any imaging, even her divine spirit, was she miling, waving at getting further away from them all into this abscurd light. "I'm going into the light moma, no Kars baby listen," as one as careful, as still though a tantamount fear breathing her heart along a fast, overwhelming panic, Tiffany eased her way in to her. "Come to me, please my dearest daughter, come to me, no mom, I can’t,” displaying herself mightily confused, even indecisive whether to go into the light, or turn again to Moma did she stand in silent disarray surrounded by a wall of whiteness. “I, I go to him,” one again respecting her mother's heart felt wishes, but seeing just ahead of her in a distance this tall, dark, beautifully performed delineation of husband Preece Ebonee Be’le. “He awaits me moma, I must not fail him, not again, you must understand that, I do, I do Kars understand,” a witness how she’s to both prefer her and choose again this vast heart-picker stealing her away forever. A frighten Tiffany was trying not to alarm her, though crying was she as cautious as she knew how at trying to bring her daughter back to her, to them. "Please Kars honey look at me, I look at you, even as I dear mother hear you, and I fail him, I fail this especial espousal, don’t you see, don’t you moma see?” “I only see my daughter is leaving me, don't leave me Kars please, ----“Tiffany, honey!” Having awaking him from his sleep, Nicholas Edin hadn’t as yet return to Paris, but how could he, his precious, beloved daughter was missing, and them all so distraught. “Hey honey, you’re dreaming, Tiffany!” ---Kars no! “Nooooo"! With a critical, even panic Tiffany Ann jarring and screaming herself awake, struggling and fighting, even horrifying Nicholas Edin to death, was it apparent what she was dreaming about. "Tiffany honey it's me!" Dramatically grabbing her face, bringing her into calm, an eye to eye contact with him, with their present surrounding, she as out of her head "What? My god Tiffany, what?" "It's Kars," as one moving off from him, even from the bed at worrying herself so, at breaking down all the more, “I, I think she's dead, ---no, you hear me, no, our daughter isn't" ---"SHE'S DEAD, I tell you!” “She’s, Kars, ---you listen to me!"Having leaped around the bed to her, catching a tight grip of her, directing her spilling eyes, face like so, would a throbbing Nicholas Edin not accept this enraged charges of hers, dream or no dream tears, fears and all, Kars is, our daughter, my god Tiffany,” as one breaking down as well upon one another’s shoulders unable at getting his words out, she's, she’s," as one coming to his knees at bringing a distraught Tiffany Ann along was a distraught Nicholas Edin to do something he’d never in his life done. “Pray with me, I don’t, I, I can’t, please, Tiffany, ---I will, I will, we’ll do it together, we’ll pray our daughter home.” “Who is it?” It’s me, Heus, is everyone alright, yeah, we heard loud screaming, is everything alright?" Seeing as they’re to open the door to the two of them, how their father was upset, but their mother was even more upset. “Yes, your mother had a nightmare, just go back, can I see her?" With a gravely alarmed son Heus Agurus pushing past him to his cherished above description Mother, this menacing breakage so apparent suddenly as one hugging her and wrisking her from her feet into his arms, a seat into the bed with her, both frightening and alarming Nicholas's tongue into his thoat at being both stun and thus speechless. "Shhhhh, Momma," though Heus’ mother, to see him perform this manner of closeness to his wife, raising with her, carrying her around to her side of the bed, compassionately, tenderly soothing the throbbing breakdown she apparently. “Don't you worry so," gingerly wiping moisten by tears strands away from her tear stained face, at again being so well at comforting her. "It will be ok, you'll see, now you sleep, Kars is in good hands, she will be fine, ok, ok you sleep.” Father?” Having come up at calming her so, even her returning to sleep so at not realizing for not even a moment his indiscretion. “Father, you be well as well?" “What the hell did you think you where doing?” “Father," with a concen as himself Agurus forewarning a visibly disturbed father not to make a scene in front of a sorely distraught mother, did they all ease from the room. "What do you mean father?" "What did I, you should never touch your mother like that" "I didn't touch her father," wrestling a tight hold of his angry father away, did a troubled Heus not like what his father was indicating. "I picked her up and brought her out of the cold into her bed, I didn't touch her, not the way you're implying anyway.” “I know what I saw, even Agurus, stop grabbing my arm, you're hurting me, and I Father know what I intended.” “How would you know?" “Heus!” “What?” "Someone should tell him, you're never here for her anymore, this we say behind your back, but never to our precious father's face. "You don't know what she suffers, what the hell are you, your mother is more to me than life, she's my mother.” “I love her and need her no different now as a young man than I did as a child, she is a strong woman father, the strongest either of us have ever seen.” “A spirituous mother, and so wise, but sometime she's weak, and many nights father she cry herself asleep, she deserve better than that." "If I'm angry that is what angers thy son, I apologize to my beautiful father, I promised what you saw was just as innocent.” “Though if I frighten you, or offended you I'm sorry, I guess I would be offended as well if someone touched my wife the wrong way, even her son.” “I know only I would know what that wrong way is, I love you father, as to come into a kiss of his father yet dampen by great emotions tears, did they both treasured him.” “Peace be with you father and especially to Mom’ma, goodnight dad, yeah Agurus, you as well, I didn’t know, we know, I mean we know how well Mom’ma is to put up a front of merriment, ---well truly father, good night.” “You son as well," as one easing into seat, into a calm right along the west window did it seem as especially clear, such a huge full moon. “My lovely daughter, where are you?” Easing his distressed at thinking how he'd forgotten how tremendously compassionate his second son Heus Agurus and how incredibly close he was to the both if them. You coming to bed?” “What about Kars?” Wiping new tears like so, the worse that could happen to any family, were they to accept the unthinkable fact she’d fallen victim to the recent bombings. “My Jesus I can’t believe this is happening, we will Nicholas take solace in what Heus said, he has never in these sixteen to seventeen years been wrong about her, come, just come to bed.” …HIS PRAISE SHALL CONTINUALLY BE IN MOUTH…

"{{{Sir! ...Sir! calling out to a stressed and frighten to tears nearly to collapse Nicholas Edin coming near to identifying the deceased remain of what could be left of his darling daughter, "Mr. Coogan sir, please just relax, we know this is hard, we it’s literally impossible but you are the only one that can do this.” “Father, with a just as torn apart Agurus being right there at his side, they being called down just as they left the court house. “No, get to your mother, get Heus and get to your mother, they will be informing her soon, ok, dad, ok, ---I told you, this is the best way to. “What?" With Tiffany turning into a concern Erica Lynn looking past her, to two gloomy appearing, towering sons of hers coming straight into her swabbing her soiled hands like so. "What, has something happen?” No!" slamming the dish cloth like so, at backing up from them, at distressing, at imaging horribly the terrible tale of these two fellows. No! Not my baby, where’s your father?” “Ah god please not my baby, Mother, no!” “Nobody freaking touch me, Mom’ma, no Heus" "she shaking a clear head out of a keen look at him, though this wondrous son Heus Agurus had always been a manner of refuge, but this, this was different. "Not this time, just take me to your father, he send us here, I don’t care damn it, wherever he is, where, she, glancing at a petrified as themselves, weeping Erica Lynn, could Tiffany do nothing but be reminded of that night so long again, the night a lost cause a misery in her that has taken forever to resolve. “No, it’s was kinda hard, her face Sye had been torn off, that someone had taken a blade and removed it.” “Ah God Nicholas man, meaning she died a painful, repulsive death, all that was left of her was her cold, barely covered carcass.” “You shouldn’t be doing this by yourself, you should’ve called me, or Brad, do you need me to come?” “I’ll be there in less than an hour, they would beg for hell, is all I could say, think.” “ Those that had done this evil, they would actually wish upon hell's fire, I know babe, I feel the same way, I’m on my way.” They said it’s not unusual for T-kamb to kill in this manner, severely scarring the face or removing it all together so that the phones of parents with missing children fitting a particular description wouldn't stop ringing for days. “Come on Nickie, they have yet to prove it’s her, when I pulled those covers back Brad, regardless of her severely mauled, those unveiling her long, brown silken mane, her flawless lightly tan skin, even her fingers, her toe nails, everything about this poor child, I hit my fist so hard I thought heaven itself would fall and indeed Brad it did crushing the very heart and soul of me, I’m walking dead, your brother is now the walking dead.” “I got you, as those crying on one the other shoulders, although the blood work, and dental proof wasn’t conclusive a crashing Nicholas Edin was certain that marred about framed work of T-Kamb was what was left of his darling B. Karsiann. This isn’t finished Nickie, we got to finish this, we got to see what the test say, well you didn’t see her, leaping up into a barrage of new tears and sentiment for his gravely insulted baby girl or Brad touch her, she is too much like Kars not to be her. “Well, seeing brother Syefan is help a just as overtaken Tiffany to a seat as she was being released from seeing her, I asked to see all of her Nickie, huh?” "It's not her, that's not my baby, I’m, but how?” “the moles Nicholas, the ones here and here, impressing each of the top of her breast like so, Nicholas couldn’t know, but B. Karsiann like her mother have one small mole each above both her breast.” Ah my god you’re right, I didn’t think about that, how could you, you didn’t know, that’s how you it's not her." “my god is Christ,” grabbing her into a tremendous hug as this, this wondrous feel good, comforting neck wrapped, this rough but soothing smooch a both loving and supporting one another to death do indeed part them. “I mean we can stay for the test if you want, but Nichol honey I have my proof, my reward, no, they can call us if need be, we should get the boys home, even ourselves.” “Thank you guys for being here, we love you man, all of you, of course we’re gonna be here. “I know honey what that look is about, that’s still someone’s daughter slaughtered so, yes, may God please have mercy on us all.”

Scene III

-"Dad and uncle Brad will not find Kars, ok Heus why not?" "Peb is writing Kar, Heus Peb has always written Kars, but she is writing him back,” as one bringing a curious number one brother into her room, into a seat of curiosity along Karsiann's desk, at getting further into her C-messages, here was the proof. "See, she's writing him daily and having his response transferred to a communicator of her stay, my god, as one swabbing a spill along expert cheeks, even his nose, was this the most inconceivable news. “Are you serious?" "How long have you known this?" “Just now, the supreme Agurus as this witness, I’ve had my suspicion for the longest but only just now as I was passing her room.” “I heard a beeping sound, you know similar to when she’s here, and I discovered them, they’re communicating back and forth.” “Man,” as one working his technical skills still, was he pretty good at having his way with the communicator, and thus getting his way. “If Kars knew where I was and what I was doing she would kill me, but that Agurus man would be a welcome death, yes, of course.” “You think you can discover her location?" "I’ve been trying to do exactly that, I'm tempted to get Coven up here, see what he can do, but it’s like he and Jordon fell off the map and haven’t as yet return.” “So what are they saying?" "I think I saw what I thought I saw prom eve, and what was that?" "I saw Preece Ebonee and Kars take the vows of the Juttah, wait a minute,” as to come around, even turn the chair around at getting a better look and sense of what Heus Agurus was saying. “You saw what?" "I know, I was confused as well, especially since she and Edwin, you know, I think our little sister is making the manner of sacrifices we're only to dream of.” “You're right here Heus telling me our Kars could very well be the African Juttah Preecest, that’s to reign with Preece Ebonee Be’le?” “And you didn’t think that possibly had something to do with her disappearance settling this mystery of all our panic hearts, mind and souls?” “I'm telling you Agurus what I saw that night, yes in this very room, you’re telling me you was spying on her, on them, and, and did they, you know?" “After seeing what I saw, that what I was seeing just couldn’t be what I was seeing, and feeling what I felt afterwards, I lit out of there like a flash of lightening." "So whose gonna tell mom, dad?” “Who else Heus besides?” “You, you are the one that discovered this, them, you even saw, you know, so I nominate you." "I don’t know Agurus man, suppose I’m all wrong about this, why don't I get Coven up here and when dad is return we both tell him our suspicions, you think Kars wanted you to find this?” “I mean she know what a snoop you are?” “Now I know why she nick named me snoopy for awhile, yeah as if did know, I got to go, I am a married man now, man, hah, what about you and Ash?” “None of your business about me and Ash, we’re find, just find, I’m going to keep at this another hour, then I’ll call Coven, --Ash!” “I told you, ---no, he mean I’m here, ah, I didn’t know---yeah well I see you two love birds later, yeah you and Chels as well.”


-“My Lord what is happening to our world?” Spending plenty of time under soothing hot currents was thinking how much that lifeless corpse did resembled his baby girl. “My goodness, the age, the build, the hair, I know what Tiffany said, and that is proof positive, but was this girl attacked and mauled for T-Kamb’s cruel purpose of deceiving us so?” “Hello,” hearing someone enter in, did this interruption both startle and perplex him, his talking to himself so freely.
“Tiffany is that, --yes, it’s me, I don’t want anything, I just came in to be near you, ro talk while you, you know, bath I keep thinking Nicholas what a god sent those two beauty marks of hers yeah, me as well, I can’t tell you how crazy it all ran me and so fast, all I wanted to do was find those responsible and kill them you know.” “Yeah, I know, we Nickie not suppose to hurt another, but when someone harm you, or that you treasure, it’s easier said than done.” “Right, you’re so right, so we still gonna hang on to what Heus’ said?” “That Nicholas,” as one readying his bathrobe unto his exit, had they not been intimate, not even close since B. Karsiann disappearance, “as so our prayers, I mean prayers are no use if we’re not to believe in them, right?” “Right, that’s right, so what do you want for dinner?” “Why don’t we dress Tiffany for going out, a movie, dinner, even Clara’s, unless you think it’s too soon.” “I can’t Tiffany tell you how I so wished and cried of that wish, that she was actually nobody's child, nobody's kin, that is cutting, smoldering aversion, was all a dream, an unknowable nightmare but she was so real.” That she probably belong to the people that were being escorted in as soon as we were being escorted out, ah god Nicholas honey I know, being a parent’s nightmare, but one from which they could frightfully but happily awaken, one from which she, this precious young thing could herself awaken.” “Though peace be still for them, the supreme manner of peace, for this Nicholas was no dream, not one any human being on this earth could awaken from. Now Tiffany this horrendous, simply infectious afflictions that is as unfavorable as another day of unknowing, how can anyone call this life, though before our baby disappeared hopefully, no prayerfully day by day we called it life.” “It’s no longer life Tiffany but by far the hardest thing ever Tiffany in our lives we’ve had to do with one thing for certain, kidnapped, or missing we got to find her, we got to find Kars.” “Where you going, to shower as well, I think going out is a good idea, I think Nicholas it’s even good where and for our faith concern.


-"Chris?" “Leave me alone Hudson man,” showing himself asleep at swapping at a whisper tickling his ear did he stretch and yarn into a better sleep in this chair, “they took her to skin graphing, she said for you to go and refresh yourself, that she will call." "I promised Kwanee I wouldn’t, ---Mr. Coogan!” As one jarred awake at realizing it wasn’t one of his friends like Hudson Leak joking about, but was it Shaugnessy’s father himself, “hey sir, I didn’t know that was you, well I think Shawn know how you feel, that and she understand, she know you will not be that far off her, ---go, we're here with her now and we won't leave until you're come again." “I’m pretty sure your parents, your mother is asking about you, that they want to see you.” “I’m sure you’re right, I’ll be back just as soon, ---Mr. Coogan, Mrs., I plan to ask Shaugnessy to be my vow, my wife, I think with Justice gone he would want it that way, then Chris the supreme will bestow upon us an even greater blessing" “Though let’s wait and see what Shawn say, how she feel, go now, do as she ask, yes sir.” “ He seem like a nice boy, anxious, but nice, yeah I hope he isn’t too disappointed, I think it’ll be awhile before Shawn’s over Justice.” “You know who that is don’t you?” “It’s Cullen son, Tiffany’s Cullen, Cullen Veneer, oh my, that is why he seem so familiar, he’s a really nice looking kid. Yeah sissy he all of the horrendous death of Kwanee, and she being there to witness the whole thing, maybe what’s to help is a very special young man like Veneer’s boy.” “I know sye so many of them have a lot of hurt to get over you know, and it’s gonna take some really special friends to help them do it.” “You talk to Tiffany?” “No, but Sye it must be something really important you calling her Tiffany and all, something Sissy really cruel happen yesterday, both tis bitter and the sweet, they called Nicholas to the morgue to identify a young lady’s body they found, ah god no, yeah, it was the most bewildering thing I’ve seen or experienced.” “It would seem they would do the lab work first, and then call these parents in, but they need the parent to validate the lab’s finding.” Well you know it wasn’t Kars but Nicholas was so certain that he’d nearly eulogized and buried this girl, now seeing what of revenge, I have to tell you Sissy, though this precious thing was without her face, without her face?” “Torn or ripped off they say, everything else about this girl seem to be every bit of Kars, her skin, her hair, her height, weight, it wasn’t her, but someone had taken much care to make it seem as though it was her.” “What do you, you talk talk as if it was a conspiracy, and that Sissy it was, I tell Nickie, but I don’t think for a moment this was a coincidence.” “Of course Sye I’m glad it wasn’t Kars but what made then so certain it wasn’t?” “Birth marks, two very distinguishing birthmarks, Nickie didn’t know what to look for but Tiffany, she did, seem Kars inherited them from her mother.” My god, as one wrongly rubbing his hands into an abrupt spill along aging but still artist features was Syefan Erin literally floored not only at the idea this could’ve been his niece.” Though was it nearly the faith of his daughter, both of his daughters, how it was the faith of someone daughter per this single Jane Doe. “That could’ve been Shawn, even Mirah, I know that, you must Sye know that I know that, if Justice had not been there, if Amirah and Carrie had been only moments earlier, I’ve basically kept this to myself, but my heart Sye,” as one wrapping herself into the warm, feel good embrace of his embracing her, this her wondrous husband, were parents all around in nightmare scenarios horribly and mentally sustainable as this they only imagined.


-"You got up the nerves yet?” I don’t think it’s time, you bring the book?” “Yeah, you asked I bring, what you mean not time yet?” “Come on Hudson, you know what I mean, she’s still fix on the point it wasn't her that was killed but Justice, like she can’t forgive herself." “Well Chris man if you wait for that you guys will never be a pair, and being a pair is possibly the only thing that’s to save her from that unrealizable reality.” “What are you eating that smell so good?” “Here,” as one passing his plate to him, was Hudson Leak pretty sure here it was after noon and Christopher possibly hadn’t eaten. “I don’t want yours, just tell me what is it?” “Chicken mozzarella, the best, my aunt made it, you Hudson never told me why you live with your aunt, I just live with my aunt, that’s all.” “You plan to tell Shawn how long you’ve loved her?” “No, I don’t, I don’t want her to think I most of all benefit from Just being dead, what if there are others just as you Chris man thinking at making a jab at one of the sexist females at Hike’s Peak High?” “Well Hudson man believe it or not I’ve considered that, I’ve also considered the fact Shawn isn’t going to marry just anyone, yeah, well I hope you’re right.” “Regretfully I must say beside Justice you’re the best thing that could happen to her, regretfully huh?” “Well thanks man, you really believe that?” “As I said,” as one backing up, out of his seat at thinking he’s to get him something to drink, possibly even something else to eat, “I’m going to get something to drink, now is your big chance, ---a grilled chicken salad, huh?” Thinking he‘s to hear burger, and fries, double meat, extra large soda, cheese, that he knew word, for word what he would order, even a strawberry shake. “Yeah, If I’m getting married soon I’ll be a father just as soon and if so I better get use to eating healthy, ah come on Hudson, I could’ve said green salad, ah nall man, you’re killing me, no, a grilled chicken salad I can live with, I think, what’s to drink?” “Ah, unsweetened tea, ah no Chris man, I can’t get in line asking for a girl meal like that, so you don’t want me to eat healthy?” “What?” “At least a burger has lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, all of the vegetable family.” “You gonna order or will I have to?” “Ummm, I see Sethanie, I’ll just ask her, whatever Hudson man, but you need to start thinking of your health, Who me?” A witness of how Hudson Leak is pause solemnly in that comment, but was he reminded of all the young people killed recently and how their plans to live was brutally cut short good diet or no. “Ah Mr. Veneer, I was just reminded of prom night, all those young people Chris, with all those long life plans you know, I think I’m gonna enjoy myself while I can.” “Hello Sethanie, it’s Seth, and what do you have under your sleeves?” “This, ah you’re giving me money?” “No, I need you to make an order for me, it’s not really for me, but Chris, man haven’t eaten since, you know, whatever Hudson.” “You really smell good, you don’t have to lay it on that thick, no, I’m, look I’ll order my own meal and we can sit and eat together, huh?” “Did you,” surprised immensely at Hudson Leak invitation, how they were most of the time planets away, though had the mightier than them all tragedy changed everything, that at glance about the school cafeteria only a few of the students had returned. “No, I don’t think so, you don’t trust me, I can understand that, my gang was kinda, uhhhh, uh, ---rude, ugly and really, really terrible, is that Hud what you’re trying to say?” “I never Seth knew how attractive I’d found you to be I admit it, but now that I’m to admit it, please give me a chance to make it up to you, all the days I was crude, to, ah, you.” “To be honest Hud I was grabbing something on the go, but since your invitation is so sincere, and it better be, ah, sincere or you know what’s good for you, yes, I’ll sit with you for a spell.”


-"Father" With a sincere Agurus coming alone was it time to tell the parents of what they both rejoiced at and feared concerning sister B. Karsiann whereabouts and her becoming espousal to one Preece Ebonee Be’le. “Boys, your mother and, we know where Kars is and why, what are you talking about?" He's talking about the fact Preece Ebonee and Kars are communicating by C-messages as early as this morning, wait a minute, are you telling me, it's not that we know where she is as yet, but rather father, mother, where she is not.” ‘Kars is not in any manner of peril, or danger, ok look, why don't you two start, --I got into her mail, I learn she was having it forward to another location, Coven is right now up there now,” as one pointing up the stairs the look on his parents face was both of rejoicing and mystery, as they had yet to comprehend it all but was this sort of good news. “Trying to get a fix on her direct location, what Heus is saying father is Kars is just as much of a wizard with the Communicator as Covington and in only a few minutes she'll know we’re on to her, and she'll either call or come home.” “Ah my god," blinking, as so sniffing back tears, that a just as celebrative Tiffany is to wipe him, as surely as she’s to attend her own spills getting along artist features. "You boys are incredible, this is incredible, you’re quite positive about this?” “Yes, we wouldn’t get your hopes up otherwise, my lord in heaven I can’t believe this, so what are these letters saying?" “It would appear Mother, whatever manner of sacrifice PreeceEbonee Kroff is to endure Kars is making a similar sacrifice, like they're in one agreement.” “Like, ---like they're married, ---Heus seem to think she's enduring a sanctified fast unto his transfiguration into the African Juttah that will last seven days.” "Seven days, and then she’ll be home, is that what you’re saying?” "Tiffany" a staying adorable close to them Erica Lynn was getting to her, bringing the phone, positive she was, that it was B. Karsiann, if so, had the boys been right on target about her. "I think it's her, {{{“Kars, Mother, ah my god" stretch tearing eyes along burning nostrils, a just as painful throat skyward at nodding yes all their curious way, it was for a certainty their beloved B. Karsiann. “Where are you?" "I can't say as yet mother, you can at least tell us where you are Kars, we've been worried sick about you, I know that mother.” “Especially with all the bombings, but it couldn't be helped, this is something I got to, ---Kars?" With a just as concern father Nicolas coming in on an alternate receiver, did he like Tiffany Ann, he had to at least hear her voice. "I'm safe father, I've taken strict precautions, I'll see you guys again no later than next Friday, that's a long, ----you know, time,” please don’t cry father, I’m so well, more well that I will ever be, “how will we, are you sure about this?” “Please father, just don't try and find me, don't fear or cry for me.” “Tell my brothers I love them, and especially tell Heus I owe him one, Kars baby much has changed since, I know father, my beautiful mother, the streets are total chaos, graduations all around are being cancelled, many of my school and classmates are dead, that I’ve brought you much worry.” "I’d sworn to three days of silence breaking it just now father to assure you all, just as I promise father I will see you all soon, I don’t want you to go, I want you to come home right this moment, father, please, no, I’ll trust you, and what you’re saying, doing, you stay safe, you and mother all, I will see you Friday, early.” }}} “Look one of you boys call the authorizes let them know your sister is no longer missing, we’ve talked with her and she’s safe and fine.” “Heus, you get straight to Covington before he is to know her location, what, are you serious?” It won’t be long now which, just do it, she asked us to wait on her, to trust her, and we will do exactly that if it kills us.” “You boys have done a wondrous, you forced her hand, she had to come to us, but now that we know she’s safe, we’ll going to help her see this thing through.” “Ah God,” happily, excitedly grabbing Tiffany Ann into a whirl of celebration about the room, was there a manner of jubilee fusing it’s way along every fiber of their being, B. Karsiann was alive, well and coming home.


-"You probably got about five minutes, wow man you look drop-dead awesome, yeah well I can't believe father asked me to come with him, to actually oversee Stellan's appeal with him.” “You know how father feel about you man, he's, that's us, well Agurus he didn't ask me, you're not his apprentice are you?" "So what do I do about Ash?" "What do you mean what do you do?" "Where you rough with her, Is that it?" "Wooo," With defensive hands going up into a friendly chuckle at backing down, even away, was brother Agurus Heus reading his heart like a scroll at being quite thorough. “You've talked to her?" "Have you had your head examined Heus man?" "I would never go behind your back like that, I know because I was a little hasty with Chels first, nervous, then impatient, but we slowed things down, had a magnificent night together.” “Look apologize, it's like a weapon Heus man, you can use it for pain or for pleasure, ah speaking of Chelsea, she's here,” not wanting to get into this manner of conversation with brother Agurus, these manners of details at thinking he and new wife Ashley had come nowhere close to what Agurus was describing, they had yet to sleep in the same bed together. “What you mean she's here?” “I know you don't like visitors down here, that this is like your room away from room, or home, but she’s your---he’s trying to say I kinda begged him, yeah and I just caved man, sorry, ---what is it Chels?" "As you can see I’m in a powerful, ---Heus is right, you look delectable, "Chelssss, I’m rushing here, I don't know Agurus, when I watched you spin off the other day, when I actually meditated on things you said, I realized you was right all alone, no one, not my mother.” “Not my father, not even my siblings, that’s not one human being on this earth will ever love me the way you love me,” listening from the hall, thinking Agurus was so much better at these things than himself, was this for Heus Agurus a manner of taking of notes. “And because of this manner of love you have toward me you're entirely persuaded that I, Chelsea Shiban Wellton Coogan is thy physical completion, even they spiritual completion." "Heus?” “Yeah, I’ll see you guys upstairs, thank you, you Chels have like twenty seconds, I don't know, I want the gift you prayed upon thy wife, I want my husband to be my completion as well.” “Don’t you see Chels?” “Because I’m thy husband, that’s exactly what I am, there’s no need stressing right?” “We will be whatever comes naturally and thus far babe that has been amazing,---beyond amazing, there you go, now let's go see your brother, ---hey Chels, you look very beautiful, in a I can’t wait to get you home sort of way.” “What are you doing?” “Thinking, thinking, you Hudson man don’t sit still long enough to think about anything, I guess Chris man you can say a change has come, care to elaborate?” “How’s Shawn?” “So medicated I doubt if she know what planet she’s on, I mean how they’re to tell whether or not she has brain damage if they keep her so sedated?” “You know what you would tell me, and I would get so angry at you because what you tell me is straight truth, yeah, prayer changes things, there you go, now how does it feel getting a dose of your own medicine?” “Come on Hudson man, back to the subject, what or should I say who has your nose so blasted open, I don’t know Chris man, one sniff of this girl and I’m hooked.” “You mean Sethanie, yeah, I mean her, I’m debating whether to call her or go by her place, or just let time heal me from all the confusion, what does Christopher Matthew think?” “Like you Hudson man I don’t know much about Sethanie, ---Seth, ---excuse me, ---she told me to call her Seth, look I’m going to change the subject momentarily, what of the African Juttah?” The Juttah Vows, the Juttah Preece, ---nall man, just stop it!” As one giving a time out signal at wondering who was this guy and when would the real Hudson Leak stand up? “Who have you been talking to?” “You know I hang, all come on Chris man, you know who I been talking to, Heus Coogan, you also know we’re not all that surprised that this temple disaster happen, right?” “Heus been warning us since day one it was all coming to an end, some things in some ways quite horrid, as this past week.” “How many people again Chris like this past week, and the emphasis being on many people would die, none of us wanted to hear him.” “How he at such a young age was so serious about all of this, no all we were to think about was how we had our entire playing and party life ahead, I guess T-KAMB just showed us.” “What say we go and see him, talk to this forbearer of the end of our world in person, maybe, just maybe all of this has happen so we’re to take him a little more serious.”


-"What am I going to tell him?" "You better think of something fast because here he comes, yeah Erion you know this Mr. Artelon is very unforgiving, ---young Mr. Steele." Responding as a snide remark quite mistrusting at throwing his arms around Erion shoulders, bringing him, as so those following. "I'm come to see Shus'Shan, only just now I'm otherwise informed there is no Shus'Shan, only Shus'Shan's intended. “Shan isn't with me, see that is what I the father don't understand, she didn't feel like coming or what?" "So that's the billion dollar man?" “Yeah Syeward, that’s him alright and for just one of his billions I wouldn’t want to be where Erion Kalen is right now.” "I thought surely she'd called you by now, ---to Mr. Steele tell me what, just what would this call be purposed after?" "Shan and I didn't wed, see again I'm not with complete understanding, I was told she departed the prom with you,” knowing he’s to immensely intimidate him, especially having his goons right alone, though because of the recent candle light vigil Erion Kalen himself was surrounded by a fortress of friends as well. “This fine gentleman right here, you Mr. Steele, then there is the two of you entering the temple together, I mean help me to understand this.” “My daughter, whom I love beyond words, she is calling the mother daily, telling her you and she, that everything went fine.” “Though if she is there and you are here, come on young sir, give me understanding, if my daughter isn't with you then where is my daughter?" "Shus'Shan did marry," more nervous than mere words could explain, Erion Kalen Steele was tall, dark and stunning like his once super model parents before him, even an edge above them, this superb eye catcher. "Another, "I see another?" “Another that is not, I didn't know him, this get worse, not only do you hand my beloved daughter off, but to one you don’t know.” “Come and see this picture," beginning to hurt Erion's neck with his growing agitation, was he making it apparent how all this time He and Shus-Shan were being monitored. "This picture is to tell me you turn my daughter over to a stranger, what did you say?" "He said you're hurting his neck, now let him go, Heus, it’s ok, I didn't exactly turn her over to him, I helped, I helped her to marry the man she loved.” “Tell this father this again,” grabbing his neck violently so, walking him farther away, with an intense Erion tussling and wrestling into severe neck pain, into them with purpose to bring him harm. "Honestly sir, I don't, hey, Mr Artelon, what the hell is this?" Heus Agurus, joined by Syeward, twins Covington and Carrington, soon rushing up was also Tristian and Dillane, who were all angrily watching Nigel Artleon do exactly that was Erion Kalen did want. “If anything happens to my daughter, ---if anything happens to your daughter what Mr. Artelon?" “You will take you hands off of him, you will take your hands off of him right now, Mr. Coogan, Mr. Artelon, “I don’t mean the boy any harm, well your man handling him would say different, not only are you’re trespassing, but you’re bordering on assault charges. I see, so attorney at law Coogan will support this treason against my daughter, what treason, there is no treason here Mr. Steele has been as fair and honest as possible, it would seem it is your daughter which hath deceived you.” "If you have any idea where she is, you best call her, let her know I’m coming, goodnight Mr. Artelon, I hope you hear from her soon.” “Wow you guys, I want to thank you for having my back, whenever man, and thank you Mr. Coogan, you’re welcome, though is you can reach Shush Shan, did being her friend, you should warn her, even encouraged to get it right with her father.


-"Agurus said I should apologize, and what does Agurus know, about our business I mean?” “You know Ash I didn't create the way a man and woman, no make that husband and wife are suppose to make themselves as one, as whole, as Ash healed. “I just fear I'm the one reenacting it horribly so, do you Heus love me?" Watching her standing into the window, that the most bizarre night of all their lives past into a morn, was Aslan Myreh brilliant with perplexity. "You remember what I told you that night, you know before everything turn so, before we were all mortified so?” “I told you I never want to be without you, I knew exactly what I was saying Ash and I knew exactly why, look, coming straight into her at taking her hand, at leading her into a seat with him, was Heus Agurus displaying himself more valiant than ever before. “It didn’t mean anything insulting though Agurus asked me just now had I had my head examined recently, actually Ash I have, making you my wife wasn't a convenience for me.” “I know Ash that’s what everyone think, that it’s even what you think, even our parents, my god Ash I've admired you and even desired you from first I saw you, Kars knew that, she knew I held you as the greatest treasure the supreme hath perhaps created.” “And my god," blinking back tears at swinging up at displaying abrupt nervousness by fitting his hands in his pocket, along a slight brush of a tingling nose, at clearing a rough throat. “To stand here realizing you're my wife, that Aslan Myreh belong to me flesh, blood and bone, that I can, my god touch her, and be one with her, heck even inside her and she inside me, my faulty blood.” “Although it was rough going, and I hurt you so much, I yet hear your screams roaring and vibrating this tender heart Ash so gravely after you, and I Heus yours.” “It wasn’t just my screams piercing the great yonder places, that even Heus at this very moment what we shared so naturally yet so unconsciously is possibly creating itself a new life right there inside me, of us.” "I was so terrified when Chels left Agurus, I knew I’d in ways not of my making Ash offended you so, my god, all I wanted to do was fix it, was fix us, ---and you have, shhhhh, baby you, diving into those darling greens of his, that expert facial expression, that Heus Agurus like his parents before him was a sculpted level of humanity, a sight for clamoring after him so eyes at having his tears kissed away. "I would never leave you ah god Heus I love you so much, that if I was to get one pleasure out of this world, one delightsome treasure before it’s all over it was to be none other than Heus Agurus Coogan mine immortal espousal.” “I know the way you pierced me, the blood and agony Heus was something that’s to come natural at two human being like ourselves becoming not only one but the same, it couldn’t be helped, but like you say, what’s to emerge, I look at us we’re one and we’re glowing, we’re Heus more magnificent than our first birth, truly the supreme alone deserve praise.” “No how could you have been in school all year and not know these things?” “My god in heaven, Hud, having open a door knocking exclusively to him, his being not only in her forbidden t him neighborhood, but at her door, how did you, are you Mr. Leak stalking me?” “Hi, well hello there, what’s your name?” My name is Hudson, Hudson River Leak, I know it’s a really weird name and yours?” “Penelope, yes, we just call her Pene, having her younger sister to come and greet him as well, was Sethanie spending a lot of time tutoring her as she was failing English and thus failing period. “You ought never to step away from your English book, now go and study, you have a quiz coming, ---ahhh not a quiz, yes I guess school is for play, a quiz.” “What a re you doing here, and how did you find where here is?” “I asked around, well I don’t believe you, you’re right that wasn’t honest, I kind of followed you home, from the vigil, but I have my reasons!” “So I was right, you’re stalking me, if by stalking you mean I’m with intense reasons I have no control over to, to, ---to what Mr. Leak, reigning class President is at a lost for words?” “Do you even know where you are, what neighborhood you’re in, that even that fancy auto of yours is in grave danger?” “You’re not frightening me, I wanted to see you, even Seth spend time with you, where you live and how wasn’t going to prevent that, ---and how I live?” Displaying herself offended as he was plainly criticizing her living arrangement, that there seeming a middle to lower class family.” “Look I didn’t mean any offense, you are the one bent on degrading yourself, that you’re to wear it as a barge of honor and welcomed upon ridicule, so you think I want to be ridiculed?” “I think in some a way Seth, you’ve come to expect it, now how long will you keep me standing in this door, bid me in or bid me go, what say ye?” “I told you I’m in the middle of tutoring my, how long?” “Just give me a time, I’ll go and surely return later, or better yet, there’s a Minnie malt shop nearby, a couple blocks from here, try six or seven blocks, good, then I’ll meet you there in, let’s say, an hour, they’re having another vigil tonight, good, meet me at Minnie’s, we’ll go together, nice meeting you Pe’ne, you too.” “Sethie got a boy friend, Sethie got a boy friend, who was at the door?” “Seth boy friend, Hudson River, he’s not my boy friend, and his name is Hudson Leak, he said, I know what he said, I think he was joshing you, your quiz your lady is in five minutes.” “Mom, yes, Hudson is this guy at school, a rich kid, who hand out with other rich kids and treat us like dirt, ah I believe that honey, but it’s true, no all of sudden he like me and want to be friends with me and all of that and I just don’t trust it, I don’t trust him.” ‘Well have you honey considered the fact this boy could’ve liked you all along, that the opportunity not until now never presented itself, and just think on it, was he as cruel to you as you believe?” “How do you know, how do you mom always know?” “Quiz is coming, quiz is coming, I wonder who is not ready.”


-"Hello New Yorkers, this is Landon Peterson reporting and what you're seeing here is the masses of Pike's Peak High School, it’s third such meeting, are these distraught young people attempting once more to endure what will possibly be the greatest trial of their young lives. This is one of three of its kind, a candlelight vigil, like other gone before, it too will be an attempt to remember hundreds of young people who have by barbaric acts perished from the land.” “As they seek within their broken, failing, yet sojourning hearts to say goodbye to their fellow class-mates and friends.” “For many here tonight, there is a never-ending sigh, question, who?" "Why?" "For some these extremely sorrowful events have taken such a toil that they had to be escorted and some even carried out among the saddest days in New York, New York.” “Because of these unfathomable tragedies, this memorial has been prepared especially for the students of Hike's Peak High, the school leading the way in the number of the lost and deceased, these horrendous for us all moments of sadness in these midst of a literally defunct reality that is so painfully real there are no words. A sorrow I sorely regret that will only deepen as individual services remembering each student will begin no later than tomorrow.” “You can be for sure with a death toll this vast it will take Hike’s Peak high and other surrounding schools weeks to bury their dead.” “Remarkably and yet sorrowful these services, these truly inconceivable ceremonies, how right in them is not only this sorrowful death but celebration of life, again the single question on the mind of all those concern is why?" "Why would anyone create such a horror as this, killing and destroying such innocent lives, truly there is no prayer for the dead, only sadness. A soreness even, as so for those who have lost their loved ones to this more than heinous attack, we can only pray that time will be most merciful, this is Landon Peterson reporting as of this sad, sad evening may God himself have mercy bringing comfort on the heel of speed, goodnight to you all, and God speed.” >>>”I recognize her,” coming upon one poster in particular, this lovely young lady, were the deceased teens all being display by their last picture, most convenient. “Lindsay, that is my sister, your sister!” “Not Hudson my blood sister, but my sister as a friend, we called her Lizzy for short, I can’t believe this, how is any of this possible?” “Hard to grasp not only Seth least suspecting are we snared in a net, but by the fellow, the humankind we’re to trust the most.” “Although God the supreme will be greatly blamed for this, literally, completely disregarding those having no respect whatsoever for their fellow man, T-Kamb is the culprit here.” “Who did you lose most of all?” “Like you Sethanie, many, like us all, but especially Justice, I don’t think, you know him, Justice Artlelon, tall, Asian looking, engaged to Shaughnessy Coogan, ---you kinda Hudson had me at Asian looking. “I think I’ll go speak to his parents, they’re right over there, will you come?” “Mr. Artelon?” “Hudson, it is good to see you are well, thank you sir, this is Sethanie, hello Sethanie, we wanted to tell you how in words escaping us we’re so sorry for your lost.” “Specialist are to say he probably didn’t feel anything, how it was so abrupt, so without delay, well, that is good to know I guess, and the fact he’s with the Christ Lord.” “Yeah I suspect Hudson if T-kamb is to have its way, we will soon be most envious of Justice, his being in places we’re to night and day pray after.” “The wife, mother and I, Justice mother, we’re inviting over all of Justice’s friends over tonight, we will make merry his life before tomorrow when we’re to apprehend his death, please most of all tell me you will come.” “Well yes, and you Sethanie?” “She will be there, mother, Miss, Glockson, it’s nice to meet you, I’m so sorry for your lost, then I will see you two later?” “Good evening Mrs. Glockson, and to you kind sir.” “What a beautiful man, mom, I know honey I told you I was simply too busy, but there is no such thing regarding things this catastrophic, ---I am, yes, Hudson River, I know, ah Mar I think his name is actually River, but it is, huh?” “I was born Hudson River Leak, the river part is simply our little secret, were is Pe’ne?’ “She volunteered before we could get through the door good, if you will excuse me Miss Glockson, I see Heus, ---Heus, who is Heus?” “Only mother one of the most stunning and richest kids at ‘Hikes Peak, I told you these kids are in a class all their own, and now one is attached to you, seeing dollar bills are we mother, ---I’ll see you at home, yeah, you be good, be careful.”


-"What's on your mind?" "Ah, your father, he let me in, do you Chris believe in heaven and hell?" “The Hike's Peak High School memorials and funerals had been performing themselves a week now. Their friends and acquaintances there from who'd lost their lives so untimely and so viciously had gone unto that other unknown place, this is what a stunning, yet misguided Shaughnessy was thinking about. "I guess, sure why not?””If one Shawn is to believe in the supreme, that Christ, then one is to believe in that nemesis, that manner of evil, of hell, as you say." “And who you think goes there, and what is this age of accountability?" “Well according to the word of the Supreme all non-believers are cast into again hell as you say, this age of accountability, I don’t think its scripture, you know, like purgatory.” “Though even if it is so who Chris are the non-believers?" "I'm afraid Shawn that reality is only in the hand of the believer or non-believer and the Supreme, I mean you and I could try and guess, but that is all it would be, a guess." The newly wedded like years gone before hadn't and possibly wouldn't find time to celebrate their most glorious accomplishes, one thriving on the well wishes of their loved ones for in a few months they would be off to college, to marriage and in a year some would have their own children. This was truly a time to celebrate and instead funerals and burials had now gain the victory and strength, even what should’ve been merry past times. "What about Kwanee?" Getting into a window, visibly a windy, pretty chilly day for spring, but there was nothing to be happy about, even though there was possibly a brave day sipping through. "You know Justice, his faith was basically with the faith of those of his eastern lineage, possibly Buddah, I don't know all the answers Shawn.” “You don't know Chris or you're afraid to say?” “According to the word out of his own mouth Justice didn't believe in the Messiah of the Supreme, nor of the Christians, remember this is where he and Heus mightily parted ways.” “Though you know this better than me, I guess I want a miracle from you, I guess I want you to do as my parents used to.” “When they Chris would take our boo-boo’s and supposedly kiss this horrendous pain, this beleaguering stumbling block all away for a time making it all better." "Ah god Shaughnessy I wish I could,” uselessly blinking back tingling eyes, to nose, to a burning throat sentiments at drawing adorable close, at laying a consumed as himself. As they both were a rest into one the others head, shoulders, even those feel good, smell good necks, warm look and breath at appreciating and even needing one the other this much. I can almost feel him growing inside me," as one, taking, bringing a perplexed for now Christopher Matthew hand to her belly, a move filling him with such a sense of acceptance and apprehension at what she was proposing. “Him?" Ingesting hard into this more than harsh reality at stepping off afar from her, from the grave implications of what his perfect Shaughssey Erin was indeed describing. "Kwanee Justice Jr., him, I guess I’m saying if any man come after me Chris, he best be willing to be a readymade father, not just a husband, but a father.” “How long have you known?” “A couple of months I guess, hadn’t as yet got enough nerves to tell him, you mean Justice didn’t know, all he knew of a possibility, but we would wed long before anyone actually knew.” “Don’t look so shell shock, we were in love, and as good as married, ---I’m sorry, it’s just that I, well you know, I never could’ve imagined, I better go, ahhh, they’re gathering at the Moore’s tonight, did you need a lift?” “No, Jordon and Carrie are coming over, I’ll just ride with them, you sure I mean it’s me?” “No, I’m sure, well I guess I’ll see you later, look I’m glad you’re better, yeah, dad told me how you hung out at the hospital concern after me and all, well, see you later, yeah Shawn, later.”


-Looking into a vision behold there was a door open in heaven and the brethren that assisted Preece Ebonee looking like an ancient of days was none other than the prophet Ezekiel. Preece Ebonee looked and there was a throne and he that sat upon this throne was as a glorious light, a consuming fire that wasn't consuming for mercy and grace bore Him first. Preece Ebonee looked and behold another door was open, one to which this master prophet commissioned him to come, that when he did come and looked within, he saw the paradise of God and as it was a multitude passing before this throne. There was a voice, as the voice of a great multitude and the voice of the Supreme declaring unto them, "Be ye washed, be ye cleansed, be ye washed, be ye cleansed. He looked and the great light like the sunshine in all of its strength became as a hand going forth for to wash and cleanse the multitude.
That when the multitude went before Him, they went to have their hands to be washed, to have their robes washed and cleansed and made white by the blood of the Lamb. This was an event reminding Preece Ebonee of a dream he’d had possibly months prior, one whereas he woke up chanting repeatedly, “be ye washed, be ye cleansed, be ye washed, be ye cleansed. That if nothing else when he woke this particular morning there was a change about him yes but especially his hands they would never be the same. How there was a joyous rapture there from, as so an unparallel harmony thereof, an astronomical, purely unutterable gladness, that this door was closed for its light was consuming to the flesh and blinding to the eyes.
Preece Ebonee looked and another door was open, that this light, this mouth had become a hand, a hand that was to reach right into the chest of the multitude, that he was to remove their stony heart. He looked and this Supreme’s hand bore the old hearts of the multitude before His throne, that just as soon this supreme one was giving unto them a new heart, a heart of flesh, forgiveness and unconditional love. This was an inconceivable transformation, that they would never be the same, they would never belong to the evil, dark world again, a royal priest. Just as soon this door was as well closed as it’s great light was consuming, it’s mighty radiance blinding. Evenly an infectious, truly unspeakable gladness and celebration broke out all over and throughout and Preece Ebonee so miraculously overjoyed therein.
By this master prophet Preece Ebonee looked additionally as another door was open in heaven, and he was commissioned to come and see. That when he did come, and see, he saw this marvelous light that sat the throne become a mouth for to speak great and swelling words unto the multitude. Behold Preece Ebonee couldn't tell all that this mouth spoke but he heard it declare unto them to be acquainted with His grieves and with His sorrows. Preece Ebonee looked again and the magnificent light that sat the throne became as a hand causing something even more indescribable, and more amazing to happen. Preece Ebonee saw this hand go toward the multitudes for to touch the very temple of their heads, for to seal them accordingly. Although Preece Ebonee was mystified at this event the more, but not for long as this was as marvelous as heavens eternity itself, in this immeasurable hour the last great anointing being poured out upon, therein this grand gathering of becoming saints.
It was here he begin to perceive this literally unutterable circumstance as the Supreme commissioning this multitude to love much. To love above and beyond any manner of comprehension, or reasonable sanity, to love above and suffer long beyond any human comprehension. That it was here, in this final gaze upon, into God’s throne, the very paradise of God that he looked and the multitude left this throne of the supreme, of the most High God, washed, cleansed, taught, instructed and anointed, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and teachers. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God,
Unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love. This door thereof was closed for its imperishable flaming light was blinding issuing forth a gladness and a delight, a blood, heart and bone celebration, even jubilation unfathomable. Apb, in the throne of God, 1993

Thy hands, if they’re cleansed so, yet if you play them at panic, what shall it profit? AOH, (Archangels Of Heaven, to Apb, (Apostle Patricia Bradford) 1998


-"So?" "I don't think it's gonna happen, I thought Agurus and your father went to a judicial sleep over, it was called off" sitting to an inquisitive Christopher Matthew at throwing his feet up Heus sat to him, threw his feet up, was the feel, even the smell of defeat seeming enfolded into the very air all around them penetrating the very souls of men. “It would seem Chris the incidents concerning the bombing of the Nuptial Temples, all those unthinkable deaths has set the appeals back somewhat.” “Ah man I really hate that, I know how hopeful Chels was, I know my father Chris, more so, and if anyone can get this things turn around real quick and in a hurry dad can.” “So spill, how did it ho with Shawn?” “I don't think Shawn thinks I'm sincere, why would she believe that, she know you better than she knew Kwan.” “Look, this has to be impossible Chris man, I think she just need a little more time, that's just it Heus man, time is of the essence, I don't under, well can I trust you with a secret?" "What is it?” "Shawn is pretty sure she's pregnant, now that could complicate things, bringing his feet back to the floor this worried sort was it apparent why things hadn’t gone as smooth between them, possibly couldn’t. I don't, that would mean, right, well she told you for a reason right, she even Chris trusted you for a reason.” “I know Heus man I’ve been hoping all this time how it was plot on her part to try and see how I would respond, to try my sincerity or something like that.” “Nall, the Shawn I know wouldn’t do anything like that, look I know you’re crazy about this girl, therefore I know you’re not to let this stand in the way.” “Shawn is also asking questions and she don’t like the answers she’s getting, what kind of questions, Carrie, how long you been standing there?” “I just walked up, you better be telling me the truth, I swear, I just walked up, so, coming into a seat to them a sip of his glass, Christopher didn’t know whether he was to trust Carrington or not, his being a boy in so many ways. “Questions Carrie, Heus about heaven and hell, and possibly where Justice stood, but that’s only natural right, when you lose a loved one?” “Yeah, but Shawn want to believe Justice is in heaven, Jesus’ heaven, although he’s wasn’t a believer, I mean he made than apparent, the both of you know that.” “Then she start asking me about the age of accountability, I’m sure with so many young people dead, many people are asking that question.” “Though I explained how I didn’t think it was scripture, like purgatory isn’t scripture. Right, I mean Heus I told her right, right?” “I can see Chris you feel a little guilty but there’s no reason to feel guilty, you guys have to remember this is the word of God, we didn’t write any of it, we just believe it, support it and with whole hearts we share it, we don’t have right to add anything to it or take anything from it, plus it dangerous when or if we do.” “I think the greatest, well proverb explain what happen when a person die, how the spirit ascend to heaven, the flesh back to the earth, while the Holy Spirit explain to the prophet Ezekiel how the soul that sin shall die, meaning perish from temporal death to eternal death and thus damnation.” ‘Though like you guys,” with new tears setting up in both of eyes, at swabbing at them just as soon, just the thought that not only could their relatives, friends and classmates be this horribly dead but soul lost for all eternity was a little too much for especially tender hearted Heus to bear. “So does that mean Kwan is lost forever?” “Shawn, shockingly, surprisingly springing them all up caringly to their feet, that she’d overheard them this way, here was Hike Peak beauty Christopher Matthew’s whose father being white, mother being black, did the combination make people think at first sight he was Latino. There was the blond beauty, this is what the girls called him, Heus Agurus, tall, stunning, and like his Supermodel mother before him, easily a lucrative modeling career in the making but had he completely refused. Then there was multi-heart throb again like his model caliber mother, Carrington Aron looking to go into the medical field like Father, and older brother Tristan Matthew. “Truly is that not what we meant at all, I was standing here, I heard what you said, you heard us quoting the God of the bible, whether you believe, receive and walk therein Shawn is your freedom, yeah, what Carrie is saying, is like the foundational Christ, Jesus we’ve not come to condemn the world, but that world by God’s ordain word know the truth, ---yeah whether a man believe or not determines whether or not he’s condemn, thanks Chris man I don’t that’s helping.” “Kawanee trusted all of you guys and here you sit condemning him for all eternity, that is not Shawn what we’re doing, and you Heus, you’re my cousin, as close as a brother I know you’re not perfect.” “It’s not Shawn about whether we’re perfect or not, but that we believe and trust in a perfect Christ, sacrifice and resurrection, according to the word and righteousness of God his name is Jesus the Christ God.” “You guys are crazy, traders even, I, I think I’m gonna be sick, ah god I, ---Shawn, with an urgency as this getting after her, this wasn’t there intent, it was just a friendly conversation that she happen upon at the wrong time, are. I think you guys have said enough, done enough, it’s not Joe as seem, we had no idea, Chris asked an innocent question, we didn’t even know she was here, let alone listening.” “Whatever Heus man, with all of these young people dead, dying and injured very people want to hear about your religious belief that is so much better than anyone else, that’s not me Coven man and you know it.”


-Hastily cautioning him to silence with the flick of his finger, a pistol drawn solidly and readily to Casiphia's head that he’s to glance quickly about needing to find his wife who laid so still, so undisturbed aside him. “What this be?” Cautioning him to silence, that he’s to get up quietly at a concerned Casiphia unveiling his strong nakedness into a reach for his undergarment though quite concern did he know what this was all about, had more than warn Shushan accordingly. “This way lover boy,” keeping keen eyes on his assailant and his angry weapon that was an offense to him and his yet slumber wife, was Casiphia convinced like in a mobster movie they would kill him and disappear him. "I got him Mr. Artelon," kept his pistol pushed annoyingly into Casiphia's back, getting him into a table, a chair, violently but wasting no time he tied a stone, still, even silent Casiphia hands behind him, his chair. “So, this is the man that goes behind a father's back and wed his under aged daughter, stealing her and breaking, I stole no thing, no thing, no thing huh?” Is that what you call my daughter, nothing?” Leaping this angry, violent sort into Casiphia face, soon punching him in his belly, causing him horrendous pain, even blood to his mouth, tears to his eyes. "Now you will not speak big man unless I tell you too, who are you, what are you, and what do you think you're doing marrying my daughter?" "Shus'Shan asked of Casiphia and Casiphia did wed, what is your age Ca-si-phia?" “Ahh now you speechless, I been in the world 23 years plus and you wed a fourteen year old girl without permission, ah, pulling of amused at the fact it was apparent Casiphia didn’t know his daughter was underaged, though for Nigel Artelon Casiphia was yet without excuse. “She didn't tell you, Shus'Shan is ages ahead of her class, she has been college material since the age of 10, a child prodigy she called, her mother and I didn't want to put her in schools at such the youngest age, as one listening to all the reasons this violent Father is to kill him and leave him stone dead piled up tremendously against him, had he never been in so much trouble. “No we wanted her to live as normal a life as possible, so you see Mr. what is to be this name?" "Romanoff", Casiphia Bernice Romanoff, I have his papers right here, Rome Italy, in the states to work, model, designer, expiring one year and six months. "So you see Mr. Romanoff, you not only marry the youngest and richest girl of Hikes Peak High graduating class, but one of the most in-telligent teens in the world.” “You happen upon a man's most greatest treasure and you took it and claimed it as your own, you will pay for this yes, you have flesh, blood, these will make perfect, types of compensation.” “Papa!” “What is this?" As gentle, precious one wrestling with one of her fathers goons snatching her up, bringing her, had she not seen her father this viral. "Papa, I don't want to hear what a betraying daughter has to say" "I'm only here to kill the son-of-a-bitch that is to ruin this daughter, he is my husband, the man I've chosen to spend my eternity, papa, as one falling to her knees to him, even laying a head to his feet, this was the manner of trouble Casiphia forewarn her of and hear it was, they were." "Casiphia is mine father, not yours, please accept this, my choice, please stop this, loose him and stop this.” “Ah my beautiful daughter, it pains me to see you plead so of this foreign gigolo, this gold digger, you are too young to know of this decision.” “You can’t see, this man want nothing for himself and thus can’t ask that he’s to have you, but he’s hurt papa, he’s bleeding, what did you do/?" "I found it" With one of them merrily waving a piece of paper their way, it could only be one thing, that one thing papa needed to make it all go away, their only proof of marriage." “With these papers, alone, his being a foreigner I can dearest daughter make him disappear never to be seen or heard of again, so what’s it’s to be by, by Mr. Romanoff or you being off to home like a good little girl.” “Do even as the father say Shan, I don’t fear what they do to me, only to you, it was a good marriage, will remember it always.” ‘I can’t believe you will do this, I know you are a horrible man, but now you show yourself a horrible father,” “I know you hate me much now, but one day you will thank me, the more I bald this paper, burn his passport the more beloved daughter I make him disappear.” “ok I’ll do what you say, what my husband say, what will do with him, I sill take to the airport and put him on a place to Italy and as long as he stay away, he remain safe, it is good Shan, better than expected, how will I know, do not mean father ask me to take you at thy word.” "Shhhhhhhh" a vulgar Father Nigel grabbed her arms, bringing her roughly to the fireplace, readying to throw the papers therein, threatening to disappear him from the face of the eath. "I don't know what this insanity is, but I don't want it and neither will my daughter have it, that she can’t trust her father at his word." “Don’t hurt her, I will with you, do as you want, I will even die, don’t hurt her,” that it was doing this commotion that Casiphia saw his open, jumping suddenly, swinging himself the chair and all hitting the gunman who tripped suddenly misfiring his weapon into an incredibly slow moment in eternity soon slaying Shus'Shan falling, crashing to the floor. "Ah my god, Shan, Shan my God please, still stapped by the chair a scuffle on the floor was it apparent the worse of all of their imagination had happen as a lifeless Shushan laid collapsed, bleeding, even dying, call 911, Shan baby, Shan my god talk to me, ---you killed her -----argggggggggggggggggggggg, you killed her, Shan this is your papa, please baby talk to me,---FREE MEEEEE! Lord!, I’m gonna kill all of ya!” "Shut up you bastard, this is a curse, --you killed her you bastarddddddd! Pressing his forward hard into the cold floor, into invincible, hostile pain, and regret, feeling he’d never felt before, a horror inconceivable overbearing ---"ah god this is the curse, Shan baby, papa didn’t mean it, please baby talk to me, ----loooooooose, meeeeeeee!” ”Ah Jesus you have slain her, you have slain her, your daughter, ---shut up your screaming, it’s spitting me apart!” “Ah god, your own precious flesh, be merciful lord to me a sinner, grant her not this underserved circumstance of anger, envy and malice, I beseech thee father in heaven, for us even as you forgive and restore Shus’Shan to us again."

Draw Me, We Will Come after Thee
Scene XXX

-“A yellow leaf was tumbling from the world above, as lifeless and listless as calm, settling itself into the earth's arm, if thou would listen, thou canst hear them mounting atop steeps. awaiting and counting the days, getting themselves after thee.” “As a mirror seeing this thou face, as a map guiding thee this way, come here now to forever my dear, unto thine unfaithful lover that impossible affair.” “I see Mr.Artlelon has loan you his priceless poetry, I'm B. Karsiann," loaning this stunning fellow so dedicated her hand, were they both thinking equally how they’d nether of them seen anything as stunning as themselves, B Karsiann Coogan, and Casiphia Bernice. "I'm sorry, I thought perhaps Shushan, no, she did mention this name, I'm Casiphia, ----YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE! Completely horrifying B. Karsiann, that he was screaming at her this way, before she realized a suddenly infuriated as this Casiphia was angrily hollering pass her. “I was told you are often here when I am not, I see the rumors are true, not in this place, not in this place right now.” “So you're giving the orders now?" "She is my wife and you’re noty welcomed here, she is my daughter, please, astonishing B. Karsiann most of all, that they should possibly take this argument as far from her as possible though hearing mr Artelon plead this way was even more unrealizable. “I know, I’m undeserving, how because of me she is in this place, this hurt, though again I plea this case of my.” “I kid you not sir, I will not have you disrupting, Casiphia, may I speak?” “I know he is undeserving as he say, but what about Shan, suppose she can hear all of this, that she is aware, what would she do, say?” “My wife Shushan is most compassionate person ever, I regret to say she’s the one to forgive perhaps, to forget in a way, but not this husband, not Casiphia.” ‘You sir will leave this room, you are disallowed, look I tried to be nice and reasonable about this, but just who in the hell do you think you.” “Maybe he's right Mr. Artelon, Shushan don't need this, especially not here, not here ever, you're dead kid, what is that Mr. Artelon, haven’t you had enough of that, Shan lay nearly dead because of you solving your problems by violence.” “You entered this room with a very sympatric heart, how sincere was that, I’ve known you most of Shan’s life, I’ve never seen you this distraught, nor Mr. Artelon this subservient, this apologetic, it really look good on a father with a great daughter like Shushan, "I understand you thing you hate Casiphia, that this is a big thing with you" he pat his chest, but right now Casiphia Is the most important thing, person to your daughter, if naything or anyone can persuade het back my bet on him.” “You are her father, but you're still a weapon of destruction for her, for her husband as long as you’re convinced you hate this man, think about Shus'Shan, if you truly want her back, this is your man." "I don't want him near her, though Kar-si-ann is right, since you are here, when I'm to return to see my own flesh and blood he is gone yes, yes, he is gone, agree Mr. Artelon?” “yes, agree.” Casiphia is sorry, you need not see that, I can’t remember when I’m this angry, you know you are to stay away from him as much as possible, I know.” "I know you're hurting and you want nothing ever again to hurt Shus'Shan, but, it’s ok to allow him to visit her, it is good for her, yes." “so you want to get something to eat?” “I don’t know about you but I’m starving, I don’t want to get, using his sleeve to wipe his spilling nose, and soon his eyes, as he was over come with grief, did a loving, caring Karsiann hug and hold him so tight, before she knew it. “you have to eat, yes, there are people, I couldn’t, if it’s people you’re to avoid, I know this place, this very personal place.” “I don’t know, cutting his yet tearing eye skyward the hospital building, room of Shushan stay, did his dedication to her if possible, deem him even more adorable. “well you’re not going to be much help to her if your keep up your health, I got it, we’ll go grab something and take it to her room, huh, keep her company a little while longer, how about that?” “sure, if you’re to spend your precious time entertaining the Italian, are you serious, I like Italians, sir, and how many Italians is Karsiann to know?” “If I tell you something you promise you’re not to freak?” “Freak, I don’t know this word, you promise not to act crazily, best you tell me, and we go from here, Shan came to me in a dream a few nights ago, she told me you needed me, I know who and she said him, he need you, and that was it.” “I knew there was some ---thing, something like what?” “Ah, that, you coming, you being there, wasn’t just suddenly and you there, excuse me, ok, it is like some ---thing can’t be explained bring Karsiann there, you’re right, Shan brought me there, I can’t Casiphia tell you how much she treasure you, and here he is failing the beloved wife so, I don’t see failure, I Casiphia see you keeping every ounce of the vow you made to her, and soon you’re going to see that as well.” “Look will you and Chris stop stressing so, Carrie told everyone what happen, Shawn walked in on a conversation not meant for her.” “Maybe we should’ve been more careful, ah come on Heus, you want to guess how may of hell is filled up with people who had friends and relatives who couldn’t tell them truth for fear of offending them?” “You know I love Shawn, how she is Heus important to all of us, but she’d regardless of her faith in Christ, she’d was trading the light of life and eternity for everlasting darkness all while we watched and said nothing.” “So what are you saying Agurus, that Justice is better off dead?” “You know damn well Hudson that is not what I’m saying, no person whose soul’s is in jeopardy is better off dead, and who says his soul was in danger, you, who the hell is you?” “According to God’s word Malcolm, Justice himself admitted his soul was in danger the moment he admitted he didn’t believe in any of it, in you guys any of it.” “Anyway lets just change the subject, we didn’t write the bible, we only by the supreme Grace, live by it, but only Hudson man by His grace, there is no other way.” “I wonder what Preece Ebonee is doing right now, what Hudson man would make you think about him?” “This Heus man, all of this you know, these are some of the things he warn us about right?” Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it?” “Yes, since Hudson you called and gave us a heads up regarding those temples, he predicted disasters would happen that would bring an end to the free world as we’ve known it, this my friend is only the beginning, we will exodus gentlemen and soon?” “Yeah,” seeing a sure Heus Agurus was to get himself straight away, Hudson had a million questions for him, truly how could anything be worse than hundreds of teens slaughtered so horribly their (prom)ise night? Though was it all prophetically by one Preece Ebonee Be’le Kroff evident, nothing not only in their nation, but nothing on the planet would ever be the same.

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. Preece Ebonee Be’le. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2011 By: The RAM, All Rights Reserved.

WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.

God begot Adam, Adam begot Eve, Eve begot Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ begot The Rising…APB © copyright the RAM 2010-2011…

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I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and
then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again…Amen

Hurry Lord God, Prince Of Peace And Get Us All The Victory

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ole To Bin Laden

There’s something about storms, about Memphis and flash flooding, about a search after loved ones, like Darius, the fall of peace, of lost loved ones continuously on the map 04/18/2011
There’s something about the Jackson Five, about a 1969 performance, the Jacksons, as so young performers unto a 69th year on the map 04/18/2011
There’s about Obama, something about an assassination attempt, about him having a civilian security guard unto mercenaries securing him 04/18/2011
There’s something about innocent fire burning unto the threat of gasoline fires, very concerning gasoline fires on the map 04/18/2011

Ole To Bin Laden 05/02/2011

-Agreeing with Creation, just a few minutes ago I turn the channel to CNN just to see what outlandish lie was being told the America people to learn of this story. I was stun, not that Bin Laden was finally dead, as far as I'm concern he's been dead from natural causes like ten years more or less, but that they thought they could fool the American people with this lie. Now if they'd reported Pakistan operatives brought him down that I possibly would've believed, but this, this report is a little too, ok ridiculous, unbelievable. I mean it can’t stop the severe weather, or bring back the one day death toll of over three hundred people and counting, nor all the massive floods pending, but oil features has already dropped some 2%.
-You must consider just recently Pakistan Government was leaning on America's government and its manner of covert operations in Pakistan, in other words they were ready for them to go. You and I both know they couldn't go unless they first made it possible that Bin Laden, the underlining purpose for the US being in Pakistan, they had to end this multi-billion dollar search for Bin Laden. I can't tell you how upset this report made me, that God’s people are deceived to this degree. They can show the pictures, and tell all the heroic stories, but most Obama's supporters are not going to believe in the authentication of this report as Obama protestor don't believe in the authentication of Obama's long form birth certificate.
-I looked into a dream last night, 05/01/2011, into a clock showing the time of 1:70 o’clock, waking immediately I said to myself there is not such things as 1:70 o’clock, (2:10) thus I took from it the number 170, my 170 prophecy link 2002 is something about Poetry and Justice, in other words, poetic justice. My 210 prophecy link, in comparison to 2:10 o'clock is the word Altercate, which mean To argue or dispute vehemently. I can see now how this praise, even this word can have comparison to what is being reported about this Islamic leader, but immediately I considered the great judgment of God. That being acted out across this planet in unprecedented manners of disasters, but especially in the US. Unthinkable but we’ve had tornado producing storms since before spring, and as I write this Memphis is being warn of the possible reenactment of the 1937 flooding of the plains area, how all of Shelby County should be on the alert.
-This is what Holy Spirit meant in the few days leading up to Katrina, how everybody trying to go about a normal everyday life can just forget it. To say it by way of God’s ordain word, through the Apostle Paul, “for when they shall say peace and safety and sudden destruction cometh upon them like travail upon woman with child and they shall not escape." This is what the spirit of destroyers (see Ezekiel 9th chapter), justly this is what they were being commissioned by God to do, when in the early nineties they were told to strip Americans like His servant Job, naked and bear. Plainly it’s what was being forewarn of me 1998/99 when Holy Spirit proclaimed how Americans treasures would become so worthless they wouldn’t be able to give once greatly valued possessions away, this too is poetic justice served up God’s wrath style. Beware, Repent!, Apb, The Ram…

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That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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A Voice Declaring: Babylon Is Falling, the fall of Mystery Babylon, of the entire present age of mankind on the map 03/27/2011 (see Revelation 17, 18th chapters
There’s something about turbulent or tornadic manners of travel both on land and on sea, of being separate of or lost of loved ones, turbulent manners of disasters continuously on the map 03/27/2011
There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 01/09/2010

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I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.
Listening to: John Starnes: Midnight Cry

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above