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The Exodus Part I

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
By: Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

The Exodus

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: The African Juttah 2012

-Unto Niemyer and Bjamein Paui Kroff was born their first son, Preece Ebonee Be'le Kroff, and a daughter one year later Makeba Lael Kroff…
-Unto Tiffany and Nicholas Edin Coogan, was born their new twin sons Agurus Heus Coogan and Heus Agurus Coogan, and a daughter born unto them one year later, B. Karsiann Coogan.
-Unto Corronda and Dexter Leon Stuard was born their first and exiting son, Jjimon Mekhi Stuard and their newly born daughter, Aslan Myreh Stuard,
-Unto Desrek Allum and Kiefer Bay Aggart was born to them their first daughter, Salada Danielle Aggart, their first son a year later Collinson Mikhi Aggart and their second son a year later Pristan Kesan Aggart
-Unto Soledad Maurice and Kassle Berlyn Aggart was born their twin sons Riley Taylor Aggart and Ethan Cameron Aggart and a daughter a year later Madison Elizabeth Aggart
-Unto Ashleigh and Anthony Dale Decorte was born their first son, Seyward Graham Decorte, and an additional son five years later Demetri Dale Decorte
-Unto Erica and Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymm was born their first and existing son Tristan Mikel Hymm and their newly born twin sons Covington Aldin Hymm and Carrington Aron Hymm.
-Unto Susan and Syefan Erin Coogan was born their existing son Jeremy Allen Coogan and their newly born daughter Shaughnessy Erin Coogan and an additional daughter one year later Amirah Jordan Coogan
-Unto Barbara and Bradford Ean Coogan was born their two existing sons, Jason Luke Coogan, Daniel Cameron Coogan and their newly born daughter, Myreah Raine Coogan.
-Unto Melamine and Vincent Dias Steele was born their now deceased son, Kalen Brian Steele, and their newly born son Erion Kalen Steele and sometime later a son, Caleb Demetris Steele
-Unto Cargin and Cullen Re'nae Veneer was born their exiting son Philip Michael Veneer and a daughter Carsten Re'nae Veneer.

These are the descendant of the beauty of love, through which its beast couldn't prevent, look for them in the most romantic, prophetic, poetic and spiritually anticipated future of mankind, Beast of Beauty Fea. Preece Ebonee Be'le, you've just entered the African Juttah 2016...wr. 1992-1996


...Beast Of Beauty, sixteen years later...

-"Did you get your messages?" As one vastly filling his face of cake did brother Heus Agurus seem hurried as usual that he‘s to get right out with his friends. "How did you know of my, ---have you been reading, ---no, of course not!” As one moving to the sink at turning the bottom up of his glass of milk, was he as usual in such the rush. "I only saw from the hall, what are you eating?" "Cake," rinsing his saucer at least, that glass into using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth did he contemplate something else to drink, a soda perhaps. "Are you insane?" “That cake is for father and Agurus' homecoming, I won't be here for that," as one not as yet realizing his indiscretion did he hunk his shoulders at using his sleeve to wipe his mouth some better. "So I ate my part, ---my god Heus, you are so selfish, ---it was only a tiny piece, god Kars, it’s not the end,” now as one gulping an orange soda down hurriedly, could he not believe she was making such a big deal. “I still can't believe you, ---who are you calling?" As one thinking he's to fit a cap on, perhaps a coat as the evening grew more and more cool, plus he didn’t want to hear his mother’s mouth. "It's done now, I can't put it back, you made another date forgetting the party tonight, right?" "I didn't forget.” {{{"Hello mom," laying their conversation aside that she’s to wallow pleasantly in his folly, as this one was a juicy one indeed. "Regretfully the cake is ruin, guess?" "He said he made other plans," giving graciously of his thoughtlessness at lifting the curtain like so, seeing he's to escape with the typical suspects. "No he said he didn't forget but had other, he's getting away right, no he’s speeding off, as we, ok mom, I can do that, ---ok."}}}


"I told you this is the best spot," as a leader giving a new comer some of her investigative and editing tips was author/writer Phyllis an expert at her job. "Here they come now, always Pristan this spot, no later than eight in the morning you'll learn Milly’s Teen Bar and Grill is where the hottest teens hang out." "Ok so who’s the tall beautiful Blonde, the one to die for?” That with cutting eyes did Pristan stir her cup into the slightest blow as she‘d wondered like most of the senior females after this particular hunk. “That my dear is Heus Agurus Coogan, senior debate, a book worm with a 4.0 grade average, he’s such a doll, he's voted mostly likely to rule the country, he's so incredible isn't he?" "Yeah, quite, ok the stunning Brunette, red jersy, -Erion Kalen Steele, senior football, full back, wow Phyllis the awesome black guy, twisted locks, Preece Ebonee Be'le Kroff, which Pristan is translated Priest Black Beauty." "Ethiopia Africa, senior debate, the class pres, actually he has the highest GPA in our class, one of the highest ever generated at this school." "Clearly he's voted most likely to rule the planet, he is truly indescribable, ---ah yeah," again as one attending her hot cup like so, just as so blowing, sipping was Preece Ebonee such a colossal presence, really his entire table was. “How about, they’re twins aren‘t, yes, they’re twins alright?”
“Covington (Coven)Aldin Hymm and Carrington (Carrie) Aron Hymm, senior football, the star full back and running back, both with 3.5 grade averages, they're voted most likely to succeed of course, ---of course," as one biting into a fork now gone cold, even stale were these two fellows simply princes among all others. "Besides Prisy a difference in weight, hair tint and style, they're identical and darling perfect." "What?" "If you're going to be the school publisher you must know these things, ---ok what about him, the black jersey guy?" "Mounting, dark, superior, Syeward Graham Decorte, senior football, star quarter back, 3.9 grade point, voted most likely to charm the world, so, so beautiful, those gray eyes of his to die for." "My god who is that one joining them now?" "That is Kwanee Francist Justice, part Korean and Jewish, he's a NBA hopeful, he and Philip Edward, the beauty he's talking with, 3.9 grade point average, those slanted eyes alone make him priceless, even Prisy edible." "You might as well know he's engaged to Shaughnessy Coogan, ---engaged?” As not to take her serious they being so young, not even graduated from high school, how could they be engaged? "That sound so permanent, well they meet here at Milly's every morning before class, there's another one, Heus' twin brother, another beauty you mean?” “Yeah, only they're not identical." "His name is Agurus Heus Coogan, a book worm, a 4.0 grade average, he's studying to be an attorney like his father and uncle." "He's Pristan been exempt from all senior classes because he has more than enough credits to graduate, and get this, he's in Paris France with his father.” "Ok how is it really that you know them so well?" "Ok, ok I know their sister Karsiann, -speaking of her" as to witness B. Karsiann enter the teen hot spot, did she as usual get much attention as she like her model/designer mother was so astonishing, even breathtaking. "Wow she's, what is she?” "Indian mostly, their beautiful mother is Jamaican/Indian and President of Dissuasion Fashion Center.“ “That’s where Karsiann and Agurus actually look more like twins, she's really beautiful, yeah her entire family is." "Karsiann is also a book worm, following her brothers with a 4.5 grade average, with enough credits to bypass the twelfth grade, therefore she'll be graduating with her brothers." "Obviously she's captain of the debate team, voted most likely to be the President of the United States.” “Her party consist of Shus'Shan Artelon, Asian/Jew, Kwanee's first cousin, the Valiant Victorian of their graduating Class, her father is Mr. Nigel Artelon of the Artelon Oil Indrusty.” “The Rose Royce girl!” "See, you are paying attention, Shus'Shan's parents are definitely loaded, what about the gorgeous one with the blonde streaks?" "Wow I love her hair, Aslan Myreah Stuard, the school publisher, my boss, Aslan’s mother is the world renown Author/Publicist Corronda Stuard.” “Her father the well known Producer/ Director, Dexter Leon Stuard, and get this, ---yeah is your bagel as cold as mine, yes but not a total waste.” “Anyway Aslan brother, now get this, ---Dillane, ---Dillane, what is, you mean the world famous teen model, Dillane?” “I never thought he was born, but felled from heaven or something, that’s good, really, anyway, she and Karsiann are very close." "Aslan as well has a 4.0 grade point and is voted most likely to be a grand success, ok what about the real pretty strawberry blonde?" "Amirah Jordan Coogan, her sister the famous teen model Shaughnessy Erin Coogan, she's captain of the cheer leading squad." "Jordan and Shaughnessy's mother is CEO of the most popular fashion center ever, carrying a 4.0 grade point, she'll be studying theater arts and fashions following her mother and now her sister's career." "As so last but definitely not least there's the strikingly beautiful blond Myreah Raine Coogan, her father found the now infamous Coogan/Coogan Real estate Industry." "Myreah Raine like the rest of her group is senior debate, a 3.9 grade average, very popular as they all are but unlike them Myreah is quite the little snob." "What am I saying?" "I'm saying it's best not to speak to her unless spoken to ---so what do you really think of them?" "Some of the most popular teens in the world you mean?” “I think they're what they are and will be what they want to be, you have to always remember Pristy, no one has hand them their accomplishments, they've worked hard to achieve." "In few words they've gone to the level, -when I say book worm I mean it, I've known them to turn down all sort of invitations so it wouldn't interfere with their studies." "No if you're jealous of them, you're jealous of their hard work and sacrifices, they have thus attained nothing that relentless immolation and determination haven't afforded."


-"Hello father" As one hugging father Nicholas sensibly was the weight of their arrival finally over, now on to the celebration of their long awaited return. "My god I swear you get more and more beautiful by the day, thank you father, hey big head" hitting Agurus's shoulder, hugging him as he's to hug her, even as usual tickling her, the greatest sister in all the world, of course the only sister. "Yeah I’m glad to see you as well, -so where's your Mother?” As one doing his regular research through the mail had the trip from France been everlasting until all Nicholas had dreamed about was a hot shower and this marvelous, harmonizing antidote, his stunning wife, Tiffany Ann. "She's off work but she's at the shop," as one readying the communicator was Karsiann following explicit instructions that she was to inform her mother just soon as they appeared. "An emergency came up, she said for you to ring her when you get, ---no, don't bother your mother, I'm sure she'll be here soon." "So dad, why did you cancel the party?" "I didn't, your mother cancelled, so are things ok between you two?" "Of course, sure, -daddd?" "I promise ok?" "Ok, ---Kars?" That just as he's to arrive at his destination up the stairs, to their bedroom door and get temporarily away. "I want to plan a special candlelight dinner for your mom and I, you want to help?" "Ah yes, ---good, now ring your mother and see how busy you can keep her until I get things ready.” “Hey, where’s your brother Heus?" "He's out with his friends, don’t worry Agurus just left to find him, ---and Kars, how's school?" “School is fine as usual, what is this I’m hearing about you and a, ---daddd!" As one showing her frustration as time alone would be imperative at making his little surprise work. "I better hurry If I'm gonna catch mom, ---right honey, you go right ahead." As one getting into his room, undoing his tie, his shirt, into a seat at pulling his shoes off was Nicholas Edin literally thunderstruck at how grown they were all getting, even his baby girl, towering, decisive and gorgeous just like her mother. “Man where did my little, can I sit on your knee Dad and watch TV with you little girl go?” As one getting a look at a barely aged on the surface Nicholas Edin Coogan, just as flawless as ever but were the years going somewhere, his three children now being this independent. “And Heus, he’s so grown now he doesn’t have to welcome his father home?” “Now I know Tiffany told me the three of them would go to proms together, how they will graduate together and would go off to college together.” “Now let me see if this old man can get this right, Agurus to Harvard law school, Heus to the Naval Academy and Karsiann to New York University to began her studies as a medical technician.” “I know I’m to be thankful,” as one flopping a sorrowful sort on the bed, perhaps he’d spent too much time away, how he with the exception of Agurus who traveled with him, barely knew them. “They are such great kids, uh, ---I better call the florist, get out of this bed or I’ll be nothing but dead asleep once Tiffany get here.”


-"My god Tiffany!" Buckling under annoyingly at her designing ice down his bear artist back was Tiffany Ann being her silliest. "What are, you know I hate that, lets Nicholas say we take a two week vacation after the kids graduation," wrapping her neck about his, her arms around his stout bosom at relaxing into a sensuous as themselves Jacuzzi were they to make up for lost time. “That sound really ----gooood, Tiffany, the ice, what are you doing?" "Punishing you for having no mercy on me earlier, why would I do that?” “Ok just you remember you're a sound sleeper." "You know you’re pregnant right?“ “I’m what?“ “We were just now Tiffany so off this planet I just know you’re pregnant, my youngest is about to graduate, will possibly marry and is off to college I better not be pregnant.” “Well just let me be the first to tell you, -look I hear what you're saying about getting away although it maybe be a little later than the kid's graduation.“ “And why my darling dear is that?" “You're not do back in France for over three months, their prom is next week, their graduation the following two weeks, they don't need us here Nicholas, they're pretty much grown up." "Yeah," exhibiting himself a bit disenchanted but were his kids all grounding up fast and seemingly without him, especially his baby, daughter, Karsiann. "I was looking at Kars today, she is every bit as stunning as her mother, no, Kars is mesmerizing, I was never Nickie as gripping, I mean where are the words?“ “She's becoming a woman overnight, our baby, -as so is Agurus and Heus, yeah," was Tiffany Ann just as crestfallen at the thought not just the house but would their lives seem as empty without them. "My two beautiful twin sons will be graduating and off to college and to marriage possibly.” “Well are they serious about anyone?" "Kars seem to be very serious about Edwin Millen, and you know how Agurus feel about Chelsea Wellton, and Heus?" "I don't know Nicholas," playing with as to push the hot water button with her toes to refresh their hot tub, would they have to get out soon. "Sometimes I think he's confused about things, I told him you would talk to him about it, and I will, don’t worry, tomorrow I‘ll do just that."


"No" shaking the head at contacting the rested hand of his son Heus Agurus sitting at a private luncheon with him was Nicholas Edin doing as he‘d promised. "Don't let anyone tell you Heus there's something wrong with a man being as equally passionate, compassionate and affectionate as his female counterpart, there's nothing wrong with it, or you." "It's actually humanity in it's purest, truest form, in factuality by the supreme alone taking one man and creating two distinct yet alike beings both male and female actually mean son they're more alike than dissimilar, more the same." "That they're an equivalence we need to be celebrating, an identicalness of our private selves we're to commemorate instead of criticizing whereas a house divided is made desolate." "Neither son does it mean you're to be conformed into something or somebody you were never meant to be." "People talk dad," displayed as an image of his yet sublimely handsome father with a tint of his Indian Mother, Tiffany Ann skillfully stirred in was Heus Agurus nearly too picturesque for mere words. "They think I'm not, you know, I'm not right, you Heus know better, that there isn't one thing about your body that tell you, that you a brilliantly beautiful and compassionate male belong to some ill-deception of your same self." "I don't know about your mind being persuaded by an ill fortune world that you as a male is to play a particular role.” “A sort of malefactor at presenting yourself a certain persona, a cursed ministration of man Heus that has for the ancient maimed and killed many." "No son, everything about your body tell you that you belong to an opposite, a divine replenishing of oneself, a female, that there is an equally enchanting woman that belong to you, I think you already know who that special someone is." "Son?" Additionally contacting that warm, reserved wrist was a father like Nicholas Edin by his confessions quite skillful and as usual larger than life and common wisdom. "The kind of love and gentleness that burn in you is normal, I'm no different, you think your mother and I could endure a honest, long distant marriage if she or I were any dissimilar?" "I was the same as you at your age, I didn't court, books and learning was my pleasure, although I found many young ladies attractive I never found one as equally passionate and affectionate as myself until I meet and instantly fell in love with your mother." "These two types of humanity have been created so that they can be both this same and this opposite." "I'm your mother's savior," as one raking simultaneously blonde strands behind each ear at clarifying such skillful things, such intimate revelations "but god Heus, she's my counterbalance as well.” “Your mother, Tiffany Ann, is my strength yet so remarkably I'm her strong arm." "The true, predestine difference between us is I'm the male, the giver of the seed, as she son is female the barrier and procreator of this selfsame seed.” “Although again does this naturalist make us all the more this sameness, this abiding equal." "That's a beautiful one dad," as one peeping up from a sip of his tea glass was both his father and mother these inspirational lamps, yes even those lighting each of their paths when it came to such things. "Sometimes you frighten me, I don't mean frighten me per say, I know son what you mean, sometimes I put off myself, that truly flesh and blood alone isn't the prognosticator here." "Yeah Dad what a slap in the face of the assumption women are from one planet and men are from another when pride, lack of forgiveness and rebellion are the true culprits.” “As long as you remember son while man is laboring to determine why he and his woman is so different, their true, natural discovery one of another will prove how much they're truly this consistent oneness, this incredible same.” “That’s flesh dad of one the others flesh, bone of one the others bone, she dad shall be called woman, exactly son," that he's too while celebrating grab him by his neck, those broad shoulders at finishing this divine manner of celestial memorabilia, "for she is fashioned from man."


“Salada,” happily welcoming himself to her lunch table, had Rimmon been tempted for weeks now at asking her to be his escort to the prom. “Rimmon?” “You know I’m still looking for a date for the prom, you don’t really eat that do you?” “It’s all so grossly over cooked, killing any nutritional value ever it’s to have, and you Mr. Africa number two would be an expert at that?” “Don’t call me that, please don’t call me that, sorry, you’re right, it’s very sarcastic.” “Salada, what does that mean?” Taking a bite of her raw carrots was it the only thing to him on her plate yet of any value. “I have no ideal, when I asked my mom she said she got it from a tea box, it was pretty she said, pretty like you, I guess if you think so.” “And Rimmon?” Holding her fork momentarily in her mouth, was Salada and her siblings Pristan and Collinson wfairly new at their school, arriving barely in time to graduate, which to Rimmon was really odd. “What does it mean?“ “It mean pomegranate, the memory knowledge of good, isn’t that a type of fruit, pomegranate?” ”That’s if my memory serve me well, ---your party is here and will soon join you, what of my request, will Salada, ---Sala, most just call me Sala, ok Sala, will you accompany me to the Prom?” “Can I like think on it, think on it as in wait for a better offer?” “No, it’s not what you think, I have a reserved appointment for that night, I don’t yet know if I can get away.” “You’re telling the truth, I see a room, blank, in-hospitable, yet you’re to depend upon it for your life, right?” “Is this seat taken?” “How did you know that?” “Only because you’re good, your thoughts, memories are, I will tarry for your acceptation, you know where to find me, Ladies.” “What is going on?” “Nothing, I mean he asked me to the prom, he did, isn’t he like a priest or something?” “Yes, but is he also human being, right?” “What was he carrying on about, like he knew, did you, no, I didn’t tell him, just that I had a standing appointment for that night, he knew I was telling the truth and thus he knew what I was telling the truth about.” “So I guess you’re right, he is a priest, but unlike any we’re to know, or understand.” “So will you go with him?” “Go with whom?” “I see lunch is as terrible as usual, who was that guy?” “Rimmon, Preece Rimmon, he asked Sala to the prom, that’s weird, you’re not going with him are you, I mean weren’t you the one who said those guys put the weir in weird?” “No, I’m the one Doris who has kidney dialysis that night, I’ll talk to you guys later,” taking up her lunch tray thinking if she decided to grant Rimmon his request there was lots of planning to do, lots of work. “You alright?” “No, I mean yes, as alright Pam as to be expected, I’ll see you guys in art class, I just have some things to do that‘s all.”


-"That's her," giving anxiously of his party of five not as yet meeting her, but had Calistus fallen heads over hills in love with one stunning female, B. Karsiann Coogan. "Calm down man,” daring not to look up from his plate was Rimmon for now that famish at stuffing his face, at gulping his water glass, even his unsweetened tea. “That's who?” “That’s the girl, the one I was talking about, the awesome, silk skin one, stunning long hair, green eyes to simply die for, in, she is so, so fine." "My word Calistus that's Coogan's sister, -what?" Squirting darling eyes of his Carrington's way at realizing just what it was he was saying to him. Truly how all this time, the largest crush he’s to have on a female ever is his friend, Heus Coogan sister. "What Coogan?" "How many Coogans do you know?" "This Coogan you nut, who’s my sister?" "He's taking about Kars, -what?" Yet displaying himself as one immensely confused how could this happen, and what did it all mean? Truly they looked nothing a like or were they also identical?” "Ah Coogan man I'm sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect, no disrespect, just don't touch her, not that she would let you." "Hell man does drop dead gorgeousness grow in your family or what?" "What Cali man you didn't know?" "Shhhhhhhh" shushing them all up as he's to witness this exquisite B. Karsiann coming their way, that he’s to get this final look at her, even to hear her lovely voice. "I think she's coming over here, my god man calm down, breath or something, she'll kiss you, you'll turn into a frog and that'll be the end." "Hello guys, --so Kars what about the prom?" “What about it Carrie?" "Ok just as long as you know I asked, what bring you two Kars to our part of the Teria?” “Aslan is free to come and visit me any time." "Calm down boys, this is only a book alert, although my brother seem to be using his.” “So you didn't tell him?" Was Carrington brother Covington who was late joining to think he would get in on the pawn, as they wouldn‘t miss the opportunity to mess with Calistus.” “Tell me what?" "That Kars and I Carrie are going to the prom together, the emphasis being on together.” “What the world are you talking about Man?” Bursting them all into a laughter as none of them would dare contemplate B. Karsiann attending the prom promise with either of them, let alone would any of them get enough nerves at asking her. "My Preece!" That he's to walk their way unguardedly with something or someone getting his complete attention straight into another dimension it would appear. "Watch ---watch, ---where!” Was this an all out intent to alert him at bringing a concern Calistus, as so Rimmon to their feet, this as Preece Ebonee Be'le was approaching the table carrying a tray but not actually looking where he was going, which in itself was bizarre. “Preece ---Ebonee!" All with rubbernecks did they try at seeing what had captured his attention, clearly was he as one unaware until he suddenly looked around and found himself literally face to face with a just as curious as them all B. Karsiann Coogan. "What my god were you looking, at, -Our Lord?“ Witness upon as one instead abasing himself quite hastily did he sit strangely resigned into a seat, clear his tray likewise. “Lord?” “Well I,” how it was this attitude alone that caused Heus Agurus to realize his friend at that school of three years didn't know or he hadn't been properly introduced to his sister. "Well Kars this is Preece Ebonee, hello Preece Ebonee," delightfully handing her hand at not remembering when she'd seen anything so black and so riveting as he, truly a marvel all his own. “I‘m Karsiann“ his glossy, smooth, dark chocolate skin, those dark brooding eyes, with thick, brunette/brown twist of hair accenting, his simply brilliant gentleness and just as sexy curiosity. "Hel---lo ---Preecest," raising slightly to her at saluting her had Preece Ebone himself not realized anything so fabulous as herself, he knew her yes, but he’d never been formally introduced to her. "It's nice to meet you I‘m sure, ---you have an accent, ---o please let me, ---no, me!” “Our Preece Ebonee Be'le Miss Coogan is voted to most likely rule the world, born in Ethiopia, he has gone on to rule in Somalia Africa for six years.” “He then ruled in Paris France for six years and then in London England for a pair of years, and he has been ruling here in America for 3 years now and only by the age of 16." "You have to excuse my cousin," not as yet making clear eye contact with her at cutting eyes of disapproval and distaste at Preece Rimmon would Preece Ebonee no doubt deal with him later. “He get a bit eccentric at times, well Heus, I'll just borrow that when you get home, it was nice meeting everyone, ---Ash?” “I'm coming as quickly as I can, you see, he didn't give me one look, you can't Ash make Heus ask you to the prom.” “You have plenty of offers already, yeah and none of them is Heus Agurus, I guess my real problem is I just don't know which one to accept." "So My Preece what were you looking at?" Knowing his heart did more than skip a beat but had it momentarily stopped suspending him into a third dimension of provoking thoughts and mischance. “I didn’t know Rimmon I was alone, it was something reflecting against the window, really amazing.“ Truly having come so abruptly face to face with her, as Rimmon had described, the most beautiful, powerfully sensuous young lady he'd ever admired from afar. "Some, thing, ---what?“ “A dove or, ---forget it, it was, nothing." Of course from afar was the mis-representation she, B. Karsiann Coogan was his secret love, his forbidden sweetheart now for over five years. “So is Kars really going to the prom with Edwin Millen?“ “She was just here Carrie, why didn’t you just ask her?“ Having no ideal she was any relations to his best friend Heus, seeming Rimmon and Calistus had reason, they'd not been there long. Although had Preece Ebonee Be'le and Heus Agurus known each other nearly six years now. "So you nearly tripped up and killed yourself for this nothing?" "It would seem Preece Rimmon, yes," additionally having no idea the young woman that he loved more than anything in the world was this best friend sister did this reality cause the most disturbing, uneasy dilemma, that he would possibly have to sever all Coogan relationships. "So what did you decide?" “Excuse me?" "For lunch, what you got there?" “You can Heus have what you want, I’ll be in my room, you do know we’re in the middle of our classes here.” “I don’t ---feel, I’m made uncomfortable, even uncertain of whether this, whether this is what, are you alright?” “No,“ having known B. Karsiann's true identity for years now at intentionally keeping her in the dark, would explaining being her brother’s best friend this greatest challenge. “Well should we come with, no, no, I want to be alone, for a little while at least.” “What in blazes is happening to him?” “I told you what it is; the Ethiopian Tribunal is literally commanding his return, as so his mother, which mean his father won’t be far behind.“ “Demanding his return?” As those picking momentarily out of Preece Ebonee’s abandon plate, Preece Ebonee nearing the age of seventeen was so vital it would end his world travels. “What’s that about?” “His age, at seventeen he become Sia, even Darius, that’s if he endure some really dangerous trials.” “You guys are pulling our legs right?” “No Heus man, we’re not, it’s all in his blood, the blood line, his African heritage, the reality of it all is really heavy on him, especially the planned marriage.” “Ok, that’s it, you guys are so lying, we only wish we were, we kinda like it here, if he goes, so do we, ---and Mr. Smarty Pants, that’s Kenya, born in Kenya, taken to Ethopia where he’s to become heir to the throne.”


-"Look, all we're saying Kars is the name Peb could easily be a guys initials, yeah like Philip Edward Blake or something." "So" seen as one fanning astonishing eyes around the lunch table here was Aslan Myreah, Amirah Jordon, Myreah Raine, Riley Taylor, Madison Elizabeth with an as usual reserved Shus’ Shan all with attempts at convincing her, her mystery lover may not be such a mystery after all. "You guys are all here to what, shake me up, awake?“ “Reah, Mirah and I have put a list together of all the senior males whose initials are P. E. B, there are Kars some who’re juniors too, just in case.“ “Yeah like your mystery guy could be right here, no Ash," as though they're doing her a favor B. Karsiann couldn't help wondering what truly inspired them at taking the list, at unknowingly crinkling it into her book satchel away. "I'm telling you, you guys are way off base here, highly intelligent Peb is a guy that has really traveled.“ “Then the way he describe his home, their surroundings it's incredible, none of the lame brain guys here could pull that off." "Just look into it, that's all we're saying, ---ok, ok, I'll do it just to show you guys how wrong you all are, but you all know I would be very upset if I learn one of my fellow students was messing with my head." “What is it Shan?” “Excuse me, ---yes excuse you, what are you thinking that is so apparent?” “I couldn‘t help Kars but think of this, you know Heus’ friend, what Aslan told us about him?” “What, whom?” “Heus has many friends, yes but none Kars as you just described, as this Preece Ebonee Be‘le, African lineage and reared.” “I tell you guys, they're as good as dead, dead Kars, come on, that’s what I said, and as so do you all know that is what I mean, whatever Kars.” “So whose ideal was this really?” “Mine to be sure, I mention it to the other guys and here we are, all this for me huh?” “Thanks Ash, so this mean I can meddle into your private affairs, all of you, right?” “I, we, yeah, well I’m out, ---Kars don’t be, ---angry?” “I’m not, later.” “My word Shan, what the hell was that?” “Yeahhh, for someone who didn’t want anything to do with this, what a deeply imbedded allegation.” “I simply expressed what all of us have been contemplating every since Aslan herself mentioned him, so it’s my fault? “No, if it’s him, which I seriously doubt, it’s his fault, he’s the one betraying her, not us, ---hey you guys, like Kars, we better go.”


“A River in Argentina,” again as one flopping unannounced at her table, was Rimmon truly serious about Salada, even about making her an important part of his life. “What about a River in Argentina?” “It’s what your name mean, ---Salada, ---this is my brother Collinson, you’re in my French class, right?” “Although Sala it’s also a reminder how everything natural and organic can be made, intertwine and mingled into a Salad.” “Speaking of French class,” seeing her brother Collinson was getting away, little good it did but had she brought him alone for moral support. "Aaah yeah, I’m right behind you, I’ve been waiting for your call, I know, but I’ve been unable to cancel the standing appointment I told you about." "What if I told you there’s no need to continue this useless ritual, -ritual huh?” “Look I’m curious, why do you have the least bit accent?” “You can blame Heus, ---Heus, Heus Coogan you mean?” “I see you know him, is that a joke, who doesn’t know Heus?” “I copied his dialect, you did what?” “Listen, speaking of French class, ---ah god you sound identical to Collin!” “I’m too do that as plentiful as I’m to wish, it’s to be the gift birth upon me, and there’s your African dialect as you say, wow!” “So where and what time shall I pick you up?” “My mom is terrified I’m to miss my appointment,” sipping the last of her glass was she making ready to get away, even to her own assigned classes. “I mean she went like really wild, crazy wild, -but I just told you you’re of no further need, and who are you, Dr. Rimmon now, specialist?” “I’m to just take your word for it?” “Just let me know in time that I’m to dress properly, -I have my classes, yeah, me too, later then, yes, Sala, later.” <<<"Heus, what are you doing here, I thought I said I wanted to be alone?” “You’re packing, ---yes, the tribunal insist, I’m going home, my time has come.” “You mean those jerks were telling the truth?” “Those jerks as you say are Sia, Preece Rimmon and Sia Preece Calistus, my pledged protectors. “Ok, we’ve been communicator pals and friends now for five years when were you going to tell me about all of this, we’re to graduate right, go our alternate ways Right?” “This is no different.” “Only you’re to go and at the age of seventeen rule a nation, ---if I endure the trials, many Heus don’t, many die, many have died already.” “Look you know we were only yanking your chain a moment ago, you know about you acting so weird, and I Preece Heus saw what I saw.” “What is this sudden look of awe on his wondrous countenance he wear so well?” “You just my lord called me Preece, and you my Preece just called me lord, I did, didn’t I?” Well, don’t be so alarm, I Heus serve him as Lord as well, as Lord of all lords remember.” “So this odd thing that you saw,” as one finding it almost impossible to accept the fact the most special friend he’s ever to have, that is to have ever was leaving him. “That none other saw, is this what has put such haste behind you, that yes, and there’re other things as well.” “You’re not leaving right now, or tonight?” “No, I will graduate first, there’s so much to pack perhaps if I start now, I’m to be finished by then.” “You will marry, Rimmon said you will marry.” “There’s one female in particular who await the greatest bearer, she will then marry this champion.” “Wow,” as one moving off quite astonished by it all, did Heus Agurus have no idea who it was he’d befriend the last five years, a Prince of some sort, a becoming King, he was hearing this astonishing male colleague of his, but how incredible was it all. “If I Preece Heus am this success of them all, I will maintain a cabinet in my reign just for you, you know when the panic world is to migrate to there.” “So you say, so you’ve said for years now, well what can I do to help?” “What about the prom?” “It’s your prom too, you have a date?” “No, I have no plans to worry anyone with my short comings, shortcomings?” “I will not be tempted, nor will I be this temptation, she’s astonishing isn’t she?” “Perhaps Preece Heus if she had like this name, Kars, B. Karsiann, she is my sister, but I’m not blind, she is a vision above true description.” “I would not be honest my Preece if I’m to deny said truth, she is a vision to barely behold without being smitten completely, ---I appreciate you introducing me to her.” “Yes, of course, you’re welcome, ---now if this great friend of mine don’t mind, if that’s my lord a nice way of releasing me?” “So it is Preece Heus, so it is.”

Scene X

-“So why are we standing?” “I can’t stay, thought I would just peek in, so where are we going?” “Why is that your concern and why are you Rimmon referring to us in a plural sense?” “The prom is only like two days off, speaking of off my father’s birthday is today, mom is to surprise him, I promised to help.” “I could come, help, no, -ah come on, two helpers is better than one, I don’t take boys home, so you never had a boyfriend?” “Yes, once, we dated a couple years, he asked me to his prom, Sean, I was so excited, only days later he decline his offer, that he wasn’t being true to his heart.” “I’ve never been so hurt in all my life, I, I, -you attempted suicide, only the drugs you used severely damaged your bladder and your kidneys, cursing you to a lifetime of medical conditions.” “How the heck did you do that?" “You already know how, the truth of your memories or your memories of truth, goodnight Rimmon, -am I not coming with you?” “I’m to work for my supper and you can finally introduce this really neat guy from your school to your mother.” “You did it again didn’t you?” “Only as you activate true memories of, nothing futuristic, and you’re to simply blurt them all out like that.” “No and I apologize, I know that’s kind of, ---of, ---wrong, perhaps Rimmon that’s the word you’re searching after.“ “You promise me no more brain reading and maybe, just maybe, ---great, I’m great, the best servant ever, and just an excellent escort.” “Rimmon,” with a hurried, even worried as this Calistus coming upon him, was this something to be concern about, but even more so this supposedly date with Salada. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, you must come this way, no, Salada has a party to design, decorate.” “He’s packing, who’s packing?” “Preece Ebonee, he’s packing, oh my stars of Kenya, yeah, exactly, I’ll see you later, yes, um where, how do I find you?“ “I live on Exline Drive, South of the school, the tallest house on the street, you can’t miss it, I’ll be there, yeah, see you later.” “Why is he packing, he saw her today, saw whom?” “The communicator affair, saw her, where?” “Apparently here at the school, he’s terrified she’s to figure things out, and how she’s not to be happy, there’s Rimmon even talk of cancelling the prom.” “I’m coming but as you can see I have a date, ha, you had a date, don’t be surprised if only a few hours from now we’re on a plane to home Rimmon, as in Africa?” “You’re just paranoid, you’re always Calistus so paranoid ---watch and note, ---my Lord, are we going somewhere and so soon?” “It’s B. Karsiann Coogan, ----Lord?” “The secret admirer, my secret trust, what, my Lord?” “I knew she was here, I came here for that reason, and I’ve stayed here just to be near her, but only today was I formally introduced to her, -wow, she’s like, like, -like Rimmon one of the greatest wonders of the entire universe.” “Mercy me lord, that’s good.” “As so only today did I learn she’s Preece Heus’ sister, do you know how close we are?” “I never intended to get this physically close to her, I’m bound to be unveiled.” “I say we run while the running is good, I run I keep my original, covert relationship with her, I remain in control, I stay, I jeopardize everything and lose all control.“ “May I my Lord be free to disagree with my Lord?” “Be free Preece Rimmon, please, there is no reason Lord that Preecest Karsiann is to ever suspect you, you’re panic for certain and that is understandable but is it my Lord so misplaced.” “Do you Preece Calistus agree?” “May I Lord speak freely?” “Yes please, we were to depart as an urgency just after the graduation ceremonies, there is no reason Sia Lord to postpone this plan.” “Very well then, after the festivities, I will write her as usual, how she’s to believe all is well, and, and, ---and dear Lord as normal, good, very good.” <<<"Heus, if I said P. E. B. what would you say?" "Ah god Kars are you in my room again?" Heatedly throwing a pillow over his head at avoiding her, did she like have this habit. Even this skill since they were very young to come into his room, shaking and quaking him awake, no matter what measures he took. "I could've sworn I locked that door, you did, now come on Heus humor me, ---P. E. B. ---I don't know Kars, ---come on Heus,“ sitting into his bed, pulling at that adamant by his own grip pillow. “I’ll tell you only if you tell me how you always get into my room, whatever Heus, P. E. B., what say ye?” “I don’t know Kars my god, ---mom!”---Dad, somebody!” Heus!” ---Preece Ebonee Be'le!" "Why on earth would you say that?" Shocking and frightening her into a stand apart from now severely run through thoughts and sentiments sinking into the pit of her belly. "Those are his initials, with the exception ---of, my god,” having raised into his elbows, with another hard yarn distorting his words, at witnessing her be literally mortified with that reality, with this blazing familiarity. “He had that same god awful look on his face, a look of disarray, even obscurity, what is this about anyway?“ "So you two,” as one spinning the stunning stud he was around to them, third wheel Agurus Heus had no idea what he‘d himself stumbled into. “How do I look?“ “When was this, this look you’re talking about?” “The other day when, ---when I, I brought that same fact, to, to his, you know, ---that bastard!" Did said insult and injury move her literally to tears at storming from Heus, past a dazed for now Agurus Heus, from the room. "Who’s a bastard, what's up?" Again greeting them was a fashionably dressed Agurus Heus noticing and deciding to get in on this clear disagreement, this emotional roller coaster, as sister B. Karsiann often was. "Peb, that's who, who the heck is Peb?” “Preece Ebonee Be'le, ---nall Kars nall, that’s just crazy?" “Is it Heus?" "You tell me and you too,” more so like her mother Tiffany Ann was B. Karsiann like most are to witness one of, if not the most pictographic being god and man is to ever create and thus lay eyes upon. “Those are his initials, ---as they are Kars the initials of so many others, Peb is the C-message guy right?" "Right, tell me Heus how many Preece Ebonee Be'le's do you know, is he not like one of a kind?" "I know Peb as a brilliant, highly intelligent, influential academic that has traveled the world abroad, is this not your Preece Ebonee?" "I know Peb as a decidedly sensual romancer with a possible accent, accent!” “You’ve never spoken to this person, how do you know of an accent?" "I can tell by his interesting choice of words,” displaying herself more hostile, more petrified by this investigation and wound, truly at the heart wounded cupid hadn‘t been kind. “Just tell me is this not your precious Preece Ebonee?" "I know Peb as a person whose home front is far dissimilar than anything in America, it's sky Heus, stars, moon.” “Even it's culture, his excellent way of bringing it all to a splendid occasion right before my eyes, I say again my dear brother is this not your friend Preece Ebonee Be'le?" "Tell me it is not and make yourself either a liar or one that has been deceived like me, go on, tell me Heus are you still so certain?" "Or maybe you are as confused, as betrayed as I am?” “Agurus tell her!" "Tell her what Heus man?" "It's all make since, I've never meet anyone so intelligent about the world around us, hell even above us, he as Kars say lived in Africa, Paris, London and now here, he's a genius with the communicator, a great orator, all the evidence Heus as Kars say is there." "Tell me Heus you have never been suspicious?" "Not really" as one flopping onto her bed at disagreeing was Heus Agurus yet this jetlagged type of performer at witnessing her laying the loan of her private files and articles to her bed. "Ok, not until he acted so strange toward you the other day, no, no, I still don't believe it, I mean many Kars are stun by your beauty, that‘s only human." " You gonna be alright, a witness of Heus storming out, at slumping onto her bed aside her, into the many letters, this visible infidelity now aligning that could've been marriage bed. “I don’t think so, not ever again, never Kars say ever, look how sure are you about this whole thing?” “That’s just it Aggie, I’m really not that sure at all, it’s sorta like I’m to wear this huge wound for everyone to see but I can’t feel it.” Mostly like their Indian mother and grandmother before them were Agurus and B. Karsiann two of the most beautiful appearing teens in the world. Those whose likeness, closeness and alike resemblance often made people think they instead were twins. “Don’t even know what it is, or where it came from, not until just now have I even been made aware of it.” “You know I’m crazy about you right?“ “Both of us are, we would Kars never let anything happen to you, nor let anyone hurt you, you know that?” “Yes, I know, thanks, have a nice evening, ---yeah babe, thanks.” “So what you gonna do?" Looking into the frig after something to purge his thirst, the dishwasher for a glass was Agurus Heus pretty sure sister B. Karsiann was right on target. "I don't know what you mean, ah come on Heus, the chances Kars is wrong about this is slim to none, perhaps, but he didn't know she was my sister until a few hours ago.” “That Heus, the brother I love maybe true,” as one pulling out a chair that he's to deal personally with him was he as usual keeping his promise, how B. Karsiann’s loving brothers would always protect her. “Although he knew his secret admirers true identity while Kars has been left playing the guessing game.” “I mean did you see her face?" "And that Heus is only a midge of what her heart possibly look like, I'll talk to him, see if there’s any truth to it all, see if I can get him to talk to her." "This is Sunday Agurus man where you going all dressed up and in such a hurry, I could Heus the brother I love tell you but I would have to kill you.” “Yeah well, tell Chels I said hey also, what's that, twin intuition or what?" "This is really bad isn't it?" "As bad Heus as heart issues can get, I mean he can't marry Kars right, it's like against his religion or something, he has to marry someone of his own tribe, right?" "Yeah, that's right, well maybe everything will go alright with Edwin and she'll have him to fall back on, the man Heus in all the world she doesn't love.” "Hey, don't let it tear you up so, you know Kars, she's very resilient, she'll snap back in no time, and Edwin Millen?” “I got Hudson and Chris on it, they’ll know exactly what to do and how, ---later, yeah, later.”


-"That's what the both of you say, ---my lord whose at the door, you sure my Preece?” “I‘m sure Preece Rimmon I can yet answer the door." “My Preecest, ---“LYING BASTARD!” Angrily and violently casting a folder thick with many C-messages right into his face, did an enraged B. Karsiann charge right into a stunn Preece Ebonee Be‘le, fighting, screaming, kicking and bitting. “Kars!” With a panic brother Heus grabbing and dragging her kicking and screaming away, giving a sorely damaged, even embarrassed Preece Ebonee time to escape. “My God! What, ---what you think you’re doing?“ “YOU STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS! Vigorously fixing her clothes at cutting a look, indeed a toxic taunt of hers at keeping on this enraged disposition of hers. “You come in here and face me you bastard, YOU LYING DOG BASTARD!” “What the world you,” as one wrestling roughly with her could Heus Agurus not believe what he was seeing, hearing as he'd never witness B. Karsiann this ferocious. “What do you think you‘re, ---Kars, ---no, no dern it Kars you look at me!” ---“You, you stop this, ---Kars!”---“Come in here and face me you bastard!" "YOU LYING DOG BASTARD!” “---I’ll take care of this, Rimmon, No!” “No, you hear me?” “But look at you my lord, you’re bleeding, ---you're not to harm Preecest Karsiann.” ---“I DON’T NEED YOUR FREAKING PROTECTION, ---YOU LYING DOG!“ “Let me go!“ “arggggggggg, you let me go!” “Dern it Girl!“ Yet as one pulling the weight of her along with him, actually wrestling and tussling with her into that exit, even at one time to the floor. “What the heck, ---don’t do this, ---Kars, --what, are, you’re freaking crazy?" "HE’S A LIAR!” Raising her voice at seeing him converse aggressively with Rimmon and Calistus, did she want to tear his eyes out, perhaps his lying tongue. "Pretending to be a distant friend, a lover even, ---and all the time he's sitting at my brother’s side!” “Dern it Kars, we‘re leaving now, you hear me!” As one handling her with one arm, reaching his jacket, his things with another at thinking he's to get her out of there hurriedly as she'd unknowingly committed the greatest offense. "Even if what ---you're ---saying, ---my god in heaven Kars it is such a major insult for a woman to touch, let alone slap and fight a Juttah Preece, ---dern it girl!" As one readying the elevator was an alarmed as this Heus Agurus contemplating taking the stairs at making a faster get away. "It is punishable by death, ---all get over it, ---wake up Heus my god this isn't Africa, this is America, here he is not a Juttah Preece ---HE’S A GOD DAMN LIAR!“ As an outraged one screaming up the many stairs as though he's to hear her still, had this planned assault gone better than she anticipated. “A Damn Deceiver!” “You should‘ve let me tear him apart!" "Kars!" Grabbing her, that he's to yet shake some sense into her at hurriedly bringing her alone, was Heus Agurus concern Preece Ebonee’s guardian would give them chase, even threaten B. Karsiann. "You must at least apologize to him, ---no I will not, I’d talked to him Kars, you understand me, got him to at least talk to you, explain things and you go and do this.“ “Don't you get it?” “You may as well have killed him, ---then Heus, let him die!” –“My god sister, you're scaring me." "He took personal things from me," as one swabbing a just as sodden cheek along prize curves, did it hurt him seeing her this way, but Preece Ebonee hurt as well. "Caused me Heus to commit intimate suicide, charmed away the secrets of my heart, ah I don't expect you the typical male to understand!” ---“I trusted him, I trusted him and honored him in ways you'll never understand!" “I understand he hurt you Kars, but I also understand it wasn’t intentional, ---he didn’t know you was my sister, and once he learn he was horrified, ---but he knew me, me Heus, ---the woman he loved, me.” “You gonna have to help me explain this to dad, he’ll know what to, ---no, ---come on Kars this is, ---no Heus I won’t, and that’s final, ---where you going?” “Get some air, I’ll be fine, no Kars you won’t, you hear me!” As one again grabbing her, for to convince her, did they again find themselves in a bitter struggle to and fro.” “Let me go Heus or I swear I’ll scream rape, Kars!” “I’m going to count to three, I mean it Heus and you know it, ---one, ---ok,” as one hurriedly throwing up innocent hands, did a ruffled Heus Agurus know he never could force B. Karsiann to do anything, why would this be any different? “This is unfair Kars, ---unfair, and you know it!” “Dern it!


-"Where's your brother" sitting into a patient than them all Tristian Mikel and Covington, this required task as he's to meet them for lunch and their regular father to sons talk. "He went to the rest room, have you guys ordered?" "Not yet sir, ---the usual for me," thinking he would get up and after Carrington as time was of the essence, well perhaps not, seeing son number three was soon approaching. "So Tristian, how are your studies coming along?" “Hey Carrie man, late as usual, you know how I like keeping with tradition, to answer you father, I don't think medical school has changed much from when you attended.” “Right, --- and how's the wife?" "Tasha is good, I'm glad to hear you're expecting our first grandchild, you guys are expecting?” “Wow!" Now more of a father figure was Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymm all the more picturesque, charming but as well forceful, wise, a superman turn super father. "Yes sir, it feel really good father, -and you young man, it's about time is all I’m going to say, I thought I would have to come looking for you, yeah dad I saw that radar of yours set my direction, ---so dad, how long today?” “For as long Carrie as it take, you just sit still so we can discuss the problems you're having.” “I still, ---I don't see why Trist and Coven have to be here, Tristian is becoming a man Carrie that used to be where you are, right Tristan?" "Yes, yes sir, and Coven is here because there's nothing better than killing two black birds with one stone." "Now what is this Carrie I'm hearing about you and drugs?" "I tried it once" sipping his glass did he cut brooding dark eyes toward him, but were these private things regardless of what brother Tristian had endured, they were his screw-ups and his alone. "You Carrie of all people know once can be too much, that they have drugs out there now whose potency is so high you can get addicted and dead just by getting too close." "Look son," seeing Carrington is to take that nonchalant stance of his, the long hiss and rolling of the eyes skyward sort of response. "Your mother and I expect you all to experiment but experimenting with drugs is like casting yourself into knowingly shark infested waters.” “Therein waiting to be rescued of an inadequate life preserver whereas the chances of your survivor is pretty slim to none." "Now Carrie you're to take that impossible equation and every time you even contemplate such an idiotic ideal put yourself in it, can either of you boys tell me why people trust drugs, including its partner in crime alcohol after they've destroyed millions?" "Come on son's think,” undoubtedly witnessed upon by three astonishing sons as one digging into a fabulous looking green salad was Matthew Edwin talking with that fork, feed in hand. Carrie?" "It’s their thang, ---you stop joking, this is not a laughing matter, because dad they don't know better, after Coven a multi-billion dollar a year campaign one would think they know better.” “They're powerless to fight it, but Carrie son it's a choice, I would think it's because they have a death wish, a death wish Tristian yes but no true purpose, or will to die.” “Well I don't think dad they really want to die, they only wish the pain would stop, the pain?“ “Yes Coven, the pain, what, don’t you see it, feel it, the agony of everyday life and living?” “Even if it’s living, ---is that your reason son?" "You are Carrie, a living human being, a genius of god, of humanity, life-blood and nature don't just throw that away son." "But let’s say all of you are right, although I believe people trust drugs and alcohol because it's such a slow, literally invisible death." "Obviously they don't know the horrible mistake they've made until they've made the wrong turn, speeding them sons head on toward its devastation.” “This harsh reality when the death and destruction of them both come racing over this elevated prominence hitting them head on, crashing sons any chance for life and longevity.“ “Never trust it, -----dadd-ddd!” That Father Matthew is to playfully toss his dark mane, the one off limit of all physical contacts crafting the stunner Covington Hymm, that fashionable hair design. "Ah what you gonna do, huh, huh?" "So Trist is the Nuptial Dorm as grand as they say?" "They're incredible enough alright" as one wiping soiled hands into readying a sip of his glass had life, college and marriage been ideal beyond description. “And now with a baby on the way, how grand indeed, to Coven man actually attend college with your spouse and be able to live there as a family, studying together, spending all our times together, and being around others like yourself." "I mean our classes are separate, after breakfast Tash and I may not see each other at all until the evening, and there are all sort of classes and other demanding activities.” “And I do mean all kind, so much so we have to take time to take some time out." "Though actually coming home to her and now to my unborn child, to that astounding expectation, it's great, truly, truly great." "Well," as one lifting a happy, partially emptied glass to his three astonishing sons although they weren‘t perfect, possibly would never be, were they yet quite brilliant. "Here's to the Nuptial Dorms and the immortal marriages they're to endorse, so you two ready for the big night?" “Yes, ---well I've decided what to wear and who to take, ---and you're taking whom?" "Myreah Raine Coogan father who else?" "You two are serious?" "You can say that, and you Carrie?" "Everybody know he want to take Kars, ---I think he said Carrie" casting a raw carrot unpleasantly at him did Carrington hate the fact his brother Covington acted as though he didn’t have a mind of decision making all his own. "So who’s the lucky girl Carrie?” "He's serious about Kars but she's not having it, weren't you and Kars happening?" "What happen?” “He started listening to those lame brains at school, ---daddd, if you don't shut him up I'm gonna pop him one, ---Coven, now what is this about Karsiann?" "There isn't one graduating senior dad and none graduating male that wouldn't want to wake up with Kars, I mean she's the most insanely beautiful girl inside and out ever, and he screwed that up.” “Didn’t I tell you to shut it!“ As well casting readied pieces of raw broccoli Covington’s way did they both spring up as to fight, as to tear into one another. “What is going on with you two?” “Yeah, no wonder he's trying drugs, Coven!” “Sorry dad, ---does she know, how you feel I mean?" "I asked her dad, ---your asking was a joke, that’s it, you‘re dead!” Launching out at him, violently thinking how if he's to get one hand on his twin brother Covington, just one, how sweet indeed that would be forever. "Stop this, you two, ---son, the prom is in two days you need to at least go to her, tell her how you, ---after what I did father she hate me.” “Karsiann doesn't hate you, be honest about everything human and being with her and you'll see how she really feel, ok?“ “That dad is encouraging and all but she has chosen Edwin Millen, and there‘s no undoing the inevitable.” “Look son I know Karsiann like her mother is very astonishing, but like your mother Erica Lynn son there are other amazing girls, one in particular besides Karsiann.” “There is dad no besides Kars, she absolutely stand alone, ---you know Carrie what I’m saying, right?” “Right, sure dad, thanks, ---so Trist, tell us more about life at College, the matrimonial dorms, can‘t wait huh?” No, not really.”


"Father!" As one rushing his concerns into their room right into discovering them relaxing into a hammock, that balcony right outside their bedroom was Heus Agurus this upset. “I‘m sorry Mother, Father for this intrusion, but Kars has done something quite awful and it need your direct, ---shhhh,“ with a single finger pressed to his lips at easily removing his arm from under a yet slumbering Tiffany Ann’s head would Father Nicholas shift this seeming urgent plea into the house. “Apology accepted, now what is it?“ “She attacked Preece Kroff today, attacked?” “Yes father, attacked, she slapped him and persisted to literally fight him, ---calm down, ok, ---calm down.“ “It was so horrible, I've never father seen her so evil, shhhhh,” again as one instead giving a ruffled as this Heus Agurus his soothing touch, as so undivided attention, did he move them further into the house away. "Now she had to have a reason, it would seem she is persuaded Peb her C-mail admirer and Preece Ebonee Be'le are one in the same, that he is a betrayer and liar to have lead her own and not come forward knowing who she is and her private intimacies or something." "Father,” witnessing his father is to come into a seat was Heus Agurus simply too upset, probably even a little terrified at what this seeming trivia offense could mean for the Coogan/Kroff delicate relation. “You know as well as I that she has committed a grave offense against him and his people, she refuse to apologize therefore I apologized in her stead.” “That Heus son is all well and good but believe me Preece Kroff and his people have no power over us, do you under-stand that, believe that?” “Yes, yes but these are, ---so is there any truth to her accusations?" "I don't know father but that didn't give her the right to attack him as brutally and heartlessly as she did, she terrified even me." "I will talk to her, get this settled before it’s out of hand, now I don’t want to wake, ---Preece Ebonee promised me father her brother that it wouldn't be spoken of again, but I didn't get the promise of his guardians." "Look,” grabbing an astonishing as themselves Heus Agurus kindly by those broad, muscular, shoulders. “This can be fix, and we're the ones to fix it, ok?" "Ok father, I mean that Heus, this is why you came straight to me right, that no harm come to either of us, right?“ “Yes dad, right, ---ok, we’ll talk later, ---ok, see you later, again I’m sorry if I disturbed, ---it’s ok, I love you son, me too dad, love you I mean.” <<<“What is all of this my Lord?” Seeing there were scattered pieces of papers, possibly hundreds, even thousands, what was Preece Ebonee to say except they were the scattered pieces of the heart, both of their hearts? “What are you Preece Rimmon waiting on?” “Lord?” “Go, go after her, if anything happens to her I doubt very seriously I will be able to live, die I will, but most horribly.” “Now leave this mess to me, it is my own, go, protect her and that is a standing order until I tell you some different.” “Yes Preece Lord, as you will, I’m sorry Preece she hurt you this way, hurt me Preece Calistus?” “This isn’t about my hurt, it’s about all pain, agony and bewilderment throughout this planet.” “You remember when the prophet Daniel prayed, what was it he really wanted from the Supreme?” “I fear Lord I don’t know, he wanted the pain to stop, for his people, for all people, and you know what God told him?“ “He told him to tell his people to stop all their abominations, all their sins and He would by his coming Kingdom stop the pain, the anguish, even Preece Calistus the death and dying for an eternity.” “You know why he suggested they repent, that we Preece Calistus repent, because the majority of what mankind suffer is this man reaping rebellion and unrepentance (corruption) sown.” “Still Preece Calistus here we stand some two thousand, five hundred years passed, crying like the saints under the Supreme throne, how long O Lord holy and true doest thou not?” “No, don’t touch any, ---please,” not wanting either of them to come in contact with all the now soiled, even spoiled C-message as they were treasures to him indescribable. “I mean, it’s all so delicate, yes, I imagine, like the crushed, strewn pieces of one’s heart, still Preece Lord you can’t do this on your own, yes, I know.” “You’re bleeding again my, ---yes,” as one sedately sitting down into the floor to wipe, even to stuff his nose with tissue so, were the pieces of he and B. Karsiann’s now desolate lives tossed around and about him. “I need to call the physician, ---no, I can‘t let, ---yes my lord, it could be broken, ---my Preece, I know you’re not to make such the big deal, yes, call him, but you Calistus must be discreet, very discreet, very well my Lord.” “My Father in heaven and by your Holy Spirit, Church Bride on this earth, what have I done?” “Beside you, she is all in the world to me, I know, all shall be well with her, with you both, believest thou this?” “The Doctor will be here soon, something to drink perhaps?” “I never should’ve let you called him, he will directly call my forbearers, yes, perhaps but I didn’t tell him who was harmed, what or why, but how we simply needed his expertise, even his advice.” “You are a wise man Preece Calistus, how do I fix this, this, ---catastrophe?” “It only my lord at this first appear as so, you know this, but as surely as you’re to piece up these scattered parchments of love, compassion and daring sentiment, the Supreme Himself will do likewise of the tattered hearts of you both.” “Remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend I say mend, and bring thyself again, yes Lord Preece, yes.” “Now that drink, lemon tea, a glass of light wine perhaps?” “Leave this trodden riddle as it is,” just as so speaking of the scattered papers, did it seem as though B. Karsiann had kept in an intimate trust everything Preece Ebonee had ever loan to her, this alone was literally divine. “I shall my Lord, surely I shall, Preece Calistus, ---yes my Lord, what God hath brought together, let no man put asunder…as you will my lord, truly as you will.” “Wine, very light, soothing, I’ll take it in my quarters, very well Sia Lord, remember faith my Lord Darius, is the substance of things hopeful, the evidence of things not seen, ---and without it Lord Calistus, we cannot please the Supreme Lord, nor he us.”


"A bouquet of beautiful pink roses for a Chelsea Wellton," as one playing the delivery man, at arriving at his best girl’s door, would this relationship alone be his, or their greatest trial. "Thank you" did a charming Chelsea back up at allowing his entry, at regretfully knowing why he‘d made such the lovely, brave, expert appearance. "Please sit Agurus while I place, you know, ---I've been calling, I know, mother told me, but I've been quite busy with my studies and all." "Too busy to pick up a communicator unto your favorite fellow?" As one moving a pillow to the side at preparing a seat did his attention grow up toward the amazing ceiling, this vast corridor, into examining a certain painting like so did he as she finally welcome himself to a seat. "I heard about Stellen, I'm sorry, as Agurus we all are,” brushing an active nostril regretfully readying her to tears at fixing her skirt below her knees at showing herself the lady she always is. “My brother will spend the rest of his life dying in a horror that's indescribable and still this isn't enough.” “I believe one day soon he will regret his confession and wish for death instead, their evil, cold unfor, ---hey, ---hey,” as one passionately kneeling to her did he brush this darling assurance along those spilled cheeks, her darling hairline at comforting her, this his immortal love. "I have a major favor to ask,” easing instead into a seat along side of her, into a gentle grip of her hand, even a darling smooch, a play of her exquisite fingers. “Go on then ask and I will see what can be done, ---so how well does Chelsea Shiban trust me, enough to be my escort to the prom perhaps?" "The prom?" Visibly was this the first thing she expected of Agurus Heus as said inquest made her rise and exit in direction of the kitchen, into the preparation of something nice and hot to drink. "Surely Agurus you can't be serious, yes, my being here, right here Chels in your kitchen with you is how serious, --I, I can't, ---can't Chels or won't?" "Don't, please," that he's to bring himself carousingly close to her neck, her ear, intensely disturbing, and heightening her private, intimate places of urgent decline. "I made a promise, I promised Stellen I wouldn't take any pleasure here until he's free, ---and was that Chels your promise to make?" "Excuse me, what do you, ---you know I'm not to take no for an answer.” “Agurus, ---can't I kiss you, -Chels?" That she's to instead turn her back to him, these urgent, racing tears happily crafting the stunning creature Agurus Heus pleasured of her. "You can’t keep doing that, why?” “Because they make me feel things, things I’m not supposed to feel unless, unless, ---unless what, you’re married?“ “You know I love you," again resting his temple into the back of her head, those soft, thick, strands, their engaging spoor, it all exciting him in ways, places most erotic. "You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, ---ah god Agurus don't do this, I don't deserve any of this.” “You are my other half Chels, you know this, you can’t, ---don’t, ---how will I go on without you?” "I won't, ---you must, that’s just, ---shhhhh, I won’t Chels,” as one smooching her delicate nose, those leaking eyes, as so that twisted with remorse mouth, at fitting her tight about his more than proficient neck, at manipulating every pitiful ounce of her, this nail biting torment was Agurus Heus at more than convincing her. “I can’t, I just, ah god Agurus, ah baby can't you tell I'm here with you, that I’ll never leave you?” “My god in heaven all I want to do is hold you, kiss you and be with you, what about my promise?” “You Chels tell me, you know Stellen better than anyone, and Stellen know better than you that I'm thine one promise." "Just don’t say no to me again, not here Chels, not ever, ---huh, ---ok, ok, ok!” As one surrendering at a lay of her head into his stout bosom, at his head resting mildly atop hers had playboy Agurus Heus having stirred himself into her burning blood simply melt her into himself. "I’ll go with you, be with you, ---and I Chelsea Shiban Wellton will love you forever, ahhh you better, I mean that, boy don’t I mean that.“


-“What you mean hit him?” “Not Ash just hit him, she fought him.” Amirah Jordan Coogan and her remaining graduating class sixteen years beyond the year 1996 prom night was in less than two days. Unlike the many years passed the majority of this graduating class had something far greater to be concern about than losing their innocence. “That’s you guys left him with a nose bleed and everything, ---my god I don’t believe it, believe it, what are the chances Kars communicator guy is the prince of Africa, that’s what’s hard to believe?” No twelve years into the millennium didn't issue up flying cars, nor was there an alien invasion, nor some earth destroying catastrophe, not as yet anyway. No the vast harvest of sexual promiscuity had spurn forth a new order, a new way of life and an invitation to the prom had the equivalent value of a proposal to marriage. “Seem to me she got exactly what she deserve, what the hell is that suppose to mean?” “Ah come on, Kars always acted as though she was too good for the guys around here.” “That Shan is so untrue, she just fell hard for this guy, yeah and what do you call Edwin Millen?” “Yeah Ash, what do you call him, Mr. Convenient perhaps?” “Why do you hate her so much?” “I don’t hate her.” As so was the proposal Agurus Heus Coogan making to his love Chelsea Shiban Wellton, being one of the richest teens in the known district had Chelsea's family been through quite a tail spin. A Realism unthinkable as her brother of seventeen, Stellen had confessed to the crime of date rape and involuntary homicide sentenced to life in prison on Liberty Island, one of the deadliest prisons in the world. “It’s just, just what Shan, you can’t bring yourself to like her?” “Look, I don’t know if any of you noticed but Kars isn’t all that crazy about me either.” “Well it would seem if Heus or Preece Ebonee’s two room mates hadn’t been there, she probably would’ve done much more damage.” “And just Mirah how do you know that?” My name Shan is
Amirah Coogan, Kars and I are first cousin yes, but are we as well best friends, so she told me.” This martial proposal of course was an honor, in a world over run with drugs, alcohol and crime, with the mixture of Virtual reality Sex addition. As so T-KAMB, VDR, Virtual Disease Retardation and R.A.I.D.S. made Aids and other deadly STD diseases desirable, and HMT, Humane Metamorphose Exposure, the side effect of gender tampering, gene therapy and cloning. “It would seem Kars could be in real trouble, how it’s a grave offense, punishable by being stoned to death for a woman to touch, let alone strike a Juttah Preece.” “Well thank god Mirah we’re not in Africa, that’s what I said, anyway, I heard the one name Rimmon has asked Salada to the prom, ump, I guess they‘re human after All.” Most unmarried graduating teens and dropouts if addicted to either are ruin for the rest of their lives. No chance for marriage, children, no future and 5 to 7 million were dying this slow death a year, 30% committing suicide. No, this was a time when clean teens were rare, very rare and all manner of organizations, like S.H.R.I.N.K.S, N.E.E.D and the F.T.C Fund were spending billions of dollars a year to keep many teens clean of these deadly offenses around the world. “And the other, Cal, Calist something, Ca-list-us, there’s rumor he’s to ask Chelsea Wellton, yeah like Agurus is going to let that happen, he like her don’t he?” “I think Myreah like is the under-statement, he’s been crazy about her since forever.” “Heus came over yesterday, ---what?” “Heus, as in Heus Coogan?” “Ah my god you’re, ---well what did he say, want?” “Speaking of Heus have you guys seen that incredible hairstyle of his?” All with clean teens labor becoming infinitely harder over ten years passed when T-KAMB was established. An evil organization that recruits young males for the purpose of killing a young girls chance of going into a marriage clean, or simply killing their chance at a life period. It is feared this black spirit convinced Stellen Edward Wellton in a huge way. “That flip in the front, it‘s darker tint, I’ve seen it, he’s just edible is all I can say, yeah soap opera, movie star stunning, ---well Ash?” “He ask me to the prom, ---and?” “And the rest of it?” “What about Erion Kalen, whose he’s taking?” “Now he’s a doll as well, those gray eyes just to die for, ---that Shan would be Seyward Graham, we’re talking about Senior football, quarter back and heart-throb Erion Kalen, ah him, whew, he’s stunning as well, speaking of Syeward though, have he asked anyone?”T-KAMB, To Kill A Mocking Bird faction is used to encourage it's young male followers to pursue, bedevil and sexually seduce especially virgins. It is here they’re ruin for marriage, suspending them instead into a life of Drugs, alcohol and VDR. whereas millions of them end up addicted, homeless and in whoredom. “Yeah Shan, who you going with?” “I haven’t even decided whether I’m to attend, I bet if Ca-si-phia ask, you would attend, Casiphia, yeah Dissuasion New Frog Princes, he’s simply ten times incredible.” Some escorts to the Prom was just that, a date, nothing more, other's like Agurus intensely erotic invitation was a lot more. It wasn't strange for the parents of these teens to awaken to new daughters and sons in law and find it a reason to celebrate. “He’s delectable even, ---well Shan?” “Ah come on, he’s nearly twice my age, plus I doubt I’m his type and my father, my father would more than kill me, ---him.” “Have anyone even asked you?” “Yes, ---well, who was it? “Yeah Miss goody too shoes, who asked you?” “Syeward Graham.” Neither was it unusual for these parents to send these children off to their college careers married, thus the purpose and popularity behind the Pre-Nuptial/Nuptial Dorms, a multi-billion dollar establishment now engulfing the world over. “I mean most of the time I couldn’t hear a word he was saying, those eyes of his are just mesmerizing, ---Syeward Graham asked you?” “But only a moment ago Shan you barely knew him from Erion Steele, ---a typical mistake, Jason Morrison, Nicoli Vincent and a few others asked as well, but as I said, I don’t know.” “So will Kars and this African guy mend fences or what?” “I don’t know but I really doubt it, you know how Kars is, she’ll probably attend with Edwin, if at all, and who knows, continue with her college plans.” “Plus this African guy is all caught up in some prearranged marriage so regardless of what just happen between them they weren’t to marry.” “Yeah but it’s, ---Shawn?” “Yes, what’s happening?” “You are, are you crying?” “Crying, no, allergies, I just hope they’re not to act up doing the prom, ---that’s not it, you’re crazy about him, about who?” “Syeward Graham that’s who, don’t do that, don’t play like that, ok, I mean why should I care who he ask or even escort to the prom?” “I have Justice, why should I give a care about Seyward Graham or Carrington, Carrie?” “Who said anything about Carrie?” “I’m just saying that’s all, speaking of Justice, I’ll see you gals later.” <<<"He deserved it and more, that maybe true Kars but since when are we reduced to such violence?" Sitting solemnly into her standing into a breathtaking scene designing her bedroom window was she and Agurus having this brother to sister talk. "I don't know Aggie, perhaps when our hearts and minds are shredded to bits so and we're left without any true cognition.” “Then Kars you're to say the Lord ears are heavy, that his expert hands are short, ---knock, knock, ---may I come in?" At the slightest knock to her door was a fatherly Nicholas Edin welcoming himself in that he‘s to as well have his say, even keep his promise to son Heus, ---Agurus, --“Father, ---may I talk to Kars alone?" "So Kars your admirer is still writing you?" "No," displaying herself distasteful at the lest into a sit upon her bed had father Nicholas backed into a literal seat upon her desktop. "We decided, well I decided to call it off, it wasn't healthy like you said, Heus told me what happen, I might have known he would come running to you!” “Come on honey," following Karsiann's troubled prance about her extravagant bedroom, what was she to say, where, how, with parents like them? "It wasn't like that, your brother is very concern, not only Kars about his friend but about his sister." "I know father I was suppose to have committed some grave offense against him and his people, but that doesn't frighten me." "Do you Kars know what a Juttah Preece is?" "Not really," as one coming again close did she display herself more tolerable that she‘s to understand clearly this supposedly insult. "I mean Peb told me something about the rituals there but he didn't go into details, well returning to ancient traditions and the sovereign lineage of Ethiopia Africa, Preece Ebonee Be'le is like a god, a holy man to his people, a Darius." "Not so much Kars a prince, but greater than a king, more sacred than a Catholic Priest, and offending him the way you did, well it has the parallel offense of an undeserving female slapping a divine deity.” “Their Kars supreme being, which in his tribunal would be punishable by death, ---all dad" pushing up from her bed at belittling the seriousness of his accusations, into a look, see out that window, was her mother arriving just as Agurus and Heus was leaving. "I mean not you too, if he’s this great being why would his people allow him to travel abroad, why isn't he locked away somewhere for safe keeping?" "He's not honey some priceless relic, he's human being, no a part of his training as Juttah Preece is to travel the world abroad, learning how to conquer various lands, people and languages." "I'm not here Kars speaking with you because I fear what they can do to my daughter for I have the faith of your mother, but I do want you to know the seriousness of your assault, that you seek his and his parents forgiveness." "I don't have a diary father,” as one turning as to make eye to eye contact with him, did said look directly into his precious little girl’s eyes simply melt him in places so compassionate. "A personal journal where young ladies like myself have written down that charming and changing their lives for all eternity, their private experiences.” “Their thoughts, those fears,” as one displaying for his view a catalogue without end of electronic letters could Nicholas Edin hardly believe his eyes at their vastness. “My personal, private self, they're father all the things I shared with Peb, I've written them to him instead.” ”I told you he'd been writing me for only two years, though Peb and I have been writing each other and confessing ourselves for over five years." "I know about his stay in Africa, France, and Italy, there isn't one thing Father that haven't happen to him or with him that I don't know about and he about me, approximately nothing father we haven't shared." "I guess you can say Peb has father been all I've breath, ate, drank, even the sustainer of that beating to life and existence inside me forever it seem." "Then here he is the man of all things human, vibrant and intimate to me, perhaps even that immortal marriage and he's sitting at my brother's side for years.” “Just sitting there Father, knowing me and all my hidden secrets and faults are wide open before him while I'm left in blind betrayal." "My god,” meticulously sweeping her cheeks at fashioning herself with her back to her concern father did Nicholas Edin frightfully understand her peril with this African pen pal. "No one seem to understand that, I'm sorry father but I will not apologize, for it will come from my lips only and he my betrayal of secrets will know me as a betrayer as well.” “Please father, I didn’t get much sleep last night, I'm very tired, sure, come here,“ understanding her let down, that he's to fit her into an adorable hug of him always feeling so safe, smooch to her soft, silk mane, into loving her to death. "I love you, and Kars honey I do understand, although Kars you couldn't have been no more than nine, ten, yes eleven father but whose to know how rapid does heart issues age said heart, alleged sentiment, whose to say?" "I never considered that, goodnight honey, good night father, and thank you, thanks for what honey I only listen, right?’ “That’s father why I’m thankful.”


-"What would you say Dillane to the infamous question inquiring whether or not teens should marry?" "I say with sexuality as it is today, the way our very lives are threaten, our hopes and dreams to live a clean life shattered.” “I would definitely have to answer that question with a question, how can clean teens take a chance not to marry and become content to live their lives with those they've avowed themselves too both abundantly and eternally?" "We must always remember Miss Askew sexual promiscuity has more than once brought mankind to the brink of extinction, I fear these times are just as perilous." "Now you C'ezanne, what would you say?" "I say get over it, this is new millennia , the days of promiscuous free-love I remind you that should've never happen.” “That has been nothing but this agent of mankind's obliteration is over, it's now a wish to die a very painful, agonizing death." "I mean with a growing campaign to banish unnatural, unprotected sex, finally to create a law that prohibits it, I say it's a last chance for clean teens to be fortunate enough to find true love and have that person through that love desire to spend out that eternity with them." "This in no way Miss Askew warrants I got to marry for he/she's the last one, no teens do and are falling in love." "This is KeKe Askew," as one attending a spacious audience had her show, its broadcast become the most popular throughout the nation and parts of the world. “And you've just tuned into Inquiring Minds, our guess today as you can well see are married king and queen teen Models Dillane and C'ezanne Aggart, the world's youngest married king and queen models in this country's history, as so this world." "As you've heard they're here in response to their article in Dissuasion's Teen, Teen magazine,” that she's to display said cover, one featuring this awesomely beautiful couple on the months' cover. “In this hours segment they're going to be answering our questions surrounding what has become Pre-Nuptial/Nuptial dorms." "As so what is just an abundance of marriage proposals, as well as marriages among our teens, hence the primary question, have these hazardous times really been forced into this?" "Is this really what our teens want?" "Are they ready?" "And if they're not ready, how do we their parents, guardians and overseers get them ready?" "The classes of New Millennia all over America will be or have already attended their proms" as one stepping down into a huge audience of varied people, especially teens, again at walking among them was Ke Ke Askew yet addressing a curious as ever audience. "There is an estimate that anywhere from 60 to 70% will re-enter the world not as friends or lovers but also as husbands and wives and there are a lot of people who think there has to be another way out for our children." "Truly as the Teen, Teen magazine inquires, when the home, the school, the church, the wealth, the racism, the prison, nor the grave work, what do you do?" "According to S. H. R. I. N. K. S. ORG., that’s Saints Habitat, Restoration, In Naturally Khaotic Situations, the word of the supreme declare, Except the Lord Builds The House, He who Labor, Labor In Vain.” “Of course the article go on to say this is S. H. R. I. N. K. S. purpose to rebuild not only a people born but a people created according to that house of the Supreme and reborn in all likeness." "So," having made her way back to the stage, a seat aside an awaiting Cezanne Aggart had Mrs. Askew become such the world popular host. "Now Mr. Aggart here we are seventeen years since your own parents sat where you’re sitting have these times really been force into this?" "I say Miss Askew be careful how you use the word force, in the early days it was known as loving and marrying your high school sweet heart, it's no different today except that marriage is immortal." "Unmistakably our parents and overseers see us as responsible adults when they give us a green light toward premarital sex, when they give us the protection, the pamphlets, the long talks, and long list of clinics." "Truly if I'm responsible enough to be trusted with that choice, with that Russian Roulette, suicide if you will, I'm responsible enough to be trusted with my heart, that never ending life blood." "No teen Miss Askew I knew while attending school felt as if this was being force, they saw it as something to be treasured, as something sacred, even an incredible honor." "What's even more important they saw it as a release from the pressures of on again off again relationships that rips your heart completely out, sometimes into places of bitter anger, unforgiveness, unto to the point of no return, sadly, so many young people are devastated by that breaking, some even violently so.” "Mankind’s problems aren’t simply educational, financial and political, but at the root of all these ills is mankind’s primary problem, spiritual, even a displaced intimacy at worshipping lust for love.” “And there’s Dillane this difference?” “Clearly Mrs. Askew, honor and obey lust, you live in this world and die in the next, a practiced dooming mankind always as we speak.” “Rightly choosing the way of love mean you die in this world and live for all eternity in the next, it’s Mrs. Askew what the Christ is to mean when he declares how the husband is to love this wife, like he loved the church and gave (and sacrificed) himself for it.” “No I think some parents look at their teens as children and their teens see themselves as young adults who're so ready, really ready." "Well you and C'ezanne have already answered several questions, but how about those teens who just wasn't ready?" "Those teens who wasn't ready simply didn't get married, my god they're not being forced against their will, what kind of a marriage would that make?" "No the teens are strong enough, smart enough and patient enough to choose for themselves, if they're hindered of either there will no doubt be more disasters."


-{{{"No Bja, no, ---no, are you, ---no, are you telling me a falling out among our teens is going to interfere with a 17 year old partnership?" Having parked himself onto a corner of his desktop had Nicholas Edin entered into one of the most dreaded conversations of his life, Bjamein Paui Kroff, Preece Ebonee's father. "Hell friendship?" "Perhaps yes, perhaps no, ah come on Bjamein, it can't be that serious, so serious that I have to drop all my plans and return to Paris?" "No, ---no, I'm not Bjamein belittling this, I understand what Karsiann did is considered a grave offense among you and Niemyer's people but this isn't Ethiopia Africa and we're not under the Dominion, ---there, ---ok.” “Look, I said, what‘s that?” That he's to get a word in edgewise, but could this little spat between Preece Ebonee and his daughter be even more serious. "Ok tell me did you know he has been writing her for years?" "No more like five, or since she ten or, ---I admit I didn't know, this is still no reason for her to show aggression as violently as she did, I admit Karsiann has quite a temper,” as one combing a tense disposition as this into his weary reflection, through layers of expert yet lightly graying hair "and she shouldn't have done what she did, but do you as well Bjamein agree Preece Ebonee was in the wrong for misleading her, her tender heart for so, so long?" "Bjamein, ---yes I know they've shared so much with the other, she is important to the son, but again Nicholas this is no solution.“ “You know Bjamein what I believe, I believe they've both learn their lessons, ---thy belief Nicholas Coogan is not my belief, it is not the belief of my people, ok if there's to be no other way I'll leave for France as soon as possible, good for Niemyer is to be here as well, she is so upset, she warn of a cursive event.” “ A curse?" That he's to turn as in set a clear ear for clarity as this too was the worse, probably adverse news, that either of them would contemplate harming his daughter. "I cannot, no I will not accept that, I will look forward to seeing you soon, that‘s as soon as I settle matters here."}}} “What is going on?” “Nothing much, yeah I can tell by that look, nothing much, I have too go, I told Sye I would meet him over an hour ago.” “So we still good for lunch?” “Yes, sure, don’t worry ok, it’s nothing, well,” moving in erotically, straightening his lapel, his tie at bringing as yet the most handsome husband in near to her, to even a delicate kiss of themselves so sweet. “I hope you’re willing to discuss this nothing at lunch later, I will, I am willing, see you then.” “Look have you talked to her, to Kars, at least Tip about the feelings of off course, of uncer-tainty she’s going through, no, but I will, I promise, tell Sye I said hello, yeah, see you later.”


-"That is not what we were told, you two do know how ridiculous this is, unwise yes, ridiculous no, so you’re telling me you actually believe I’m setting Kars up for Tkamb, what on god’s green earth would possess me to do such a thing?“ “I got to go, but this isn’t over, not hardly, Agurus, Heus and especially Karsiann are all vitally important me, to us Hudson man, they asked me, us to look into this literally unforeseen accusation and here we are.” “You know I hope where all of us Edwin are concern this has all been some gigantic mis-understanding, but if not your ass is more than mine I totally assure you, and mine Edwin man.” “Clint, yeah ah, Hudson, see you guys around the prom I guess, yeah, see you there, so what was that about?” “What is that you’re eating, beef kabob, it’s as delicious as it seem I assure you.” “You gonna tell me or what?” “It was nothing as I said, although speaking of the prom you going to the Bachelor slash the Bachelorete party?“ “Are you kidding, that’s going to be the prom of the prom, what you and Kars not coming?” “I don’t know, she want to go, but you know, no I don’t, man are you crazy, if I’m given any opportunity to sport the most astonishing chick in school hell I’m taking it.” “Yeah, you right, how envious they’ll all be, hey.” Witnessed upon as one going off worriedly but were the accusation against him truly serious, even dangerous. “Earth to Eddy, where the heck are you?” “I don’t know if you’ve heard, there’s rumor going on around school, you mean about you being Tkamb, but who in their right mind would believe that?” “Don’t tell me, that’s what those bozos wanted?” “Sorta, yes, I just hope the rumors don’t spoil what I’m to have with Kars that’s all, so are you serious, this is a prom date or the immortal promise?” “Amazingly enough Karsiann has Clint agreed to be my wife, ahhh my god, you’re serious, how the hell did you pull that off?” “I haven’t as yet and with these heinous rumors I don’t know, I just don’t know.” “Well I know, I know you should go directly to Kars and tell her what is being said.” “How it’s all just a rumor, that you would never in a million years even contemplate such a thing, how could she not believe and thus respect that, ---right?” “You’re good, you know that, what an excellent ideal, I‘ll call her, and get right over there, see you later, yeah, good luck and all that.” >>>"So, so what?" Somewhat placed on the spot here did Nicholas Edin uneasily sip his glass into an unnecessary, thus nervous wipe of his mouth. "What is it Nicholas?” “I know you brought me here to soften the blow so just tell me, did you talk to Kars about what she did to the Kroff'’s young Preece Ebonee?" "She said that she was somewhat violent with him, yes,“ as one readying another bite of a delicious fork into resetting her napkin totally belittling what Nicholas thought was very serious, even threatening. “But it Nicholas wasn‘t all that serious, ---wait a minute, somewhat violent?” “According to Heus she literally ripped his head off, his people are very upset Tiffany his being a Juttah Preece and all." "They will Nicholas get over it and both their and our children will go on with their lives, now what really has you so stirred?" "I've been summoned back to Paris to look over matters there in Bjamein and Phillip's stead, ---you could come with, ---Tiffany, just hear me out,” as one speaking up anxiously at knowing of her indignation surrounding Paris France, how for many years she has simply refused. “Just the other night you spoke of us getting away, we could make a romantic, ---not Nicholas in Paris, ---it's only for a week, two at upon the most, ---there you go Nicholas,” witnessed upon as one roughly retrieving her things, at casting her napkin, those sordid feelings at him, hurriedly making this her exit. “Making promises you can't keep, don't leave please, I miss you, I miss my wife, ---I don't want to go to Paris, now let me go, lay aside that it’s Paris and just come with, ---goodnight Nicholas.” “You don‘t want to go to Paris or you don‘t want to leave him," that he's to instead release this hold of his, allow her, her way, but did this insinuation of his turn her right around, back down to the table with him. “What did you say?” “I can‘t help, well maybe you don‘t love me, don‘t love Tiffany being with me, how you rather be with Christian instead.” “Can’t you leave him just for a while?” “I don‘t believe you, that you of all people will make such an accusation, is that what it is Tiffany, really think about it?” “I don’t have to think about it, it‘s absurd, ---you are my wife Tiffany and I want you with me, you can‘t use the children or the center for an excuse.” “He‘s happily married now, ah how would you know?“ With astonishing eyes, a just as superb look rising into her stand, that she’s to again get away speedily, but had he struck some major cord. “I know he barely know you’re alive anymore, yeah you know nothing, you’re the one Nickie barely here, barely alive most of the time when you are here, --what the hell is that, what are you talking about?“ “You figure it out, I'll be at the center." “Damn It!” As one angrily tossing his napkin at bringing even more attention this way, could Nicholas not believe how always she’s to be so stringent concerning France, like it’s the end or something, “I’m so freaking tired of this, Damn it!”


-"I don't Kars know for the life of me what happen, I've loved you all the days of my life, a form of persuasion Carrie happen, you'll be surprised how many people though they hate Tkamb they're to go along with their doctrine.” “A set of guidelines which are nothing but a form of segregation, of foolishly preserving like the Aryan faith, the white race.” “Not Carrie that any such thing exist, the Supreme creating one man and him both male and female." "Little do we realize but racism, the all out practice thereof has always been a look into that seal, that Carrie, red horse rider having the power to sow discord among mankind's kingdoms that they steal, kill and destroy one the other." "You know Kars tonight our entire graduating class is to meet at the malt mall, have like this supersize bachelor and bachelorett party?" "Which Carrie is to remind me, why aren't you there?" "Isn't it Kars obvious, because I'm here with you, the woman I love, you know King Solomon taught love is like death.” “Or Carrie like a sentence of death, you can't love, or enter into a campaign of love unless it's something or someone you're willing to die for.” “That you're willing to lay aside all things you are or ever intended at being that this person you love alone will is realized, you completely deceasing, they completely increasing." "Wow, how Kars phenomenon is that?" "I didn't create it, this unspeakable manner of seat bed of affections the Supreme did, I Carrie simply honor it enough to abide by it.” “I mean who then Kars can fall in love?” “Are you trying to tell me you don't love me, I mean in the manner you just described, no, I'm trying to tell you this manner of love is very rare as I'm to give you three words in particular, Amirah Jordon Coogan." "Mir?" Ingesting roughly at repeating, he‘d come for to mend fences between Karsiann and himself not to find another. "What does she have to do with this?" "Everything Carrie, I think you know that, none other is such the perfect match for you I assure you, ---Mir?” “But she hate me, I assure you Carrie she does not, you love him that much, this Edwin Millen that you would curse me in this manner?” “That is none of your business and this union is far from being a curse, you will marry, and what, Jerome Pebbles is to just move out of the way and let me marry his fiancĂ©?” “Something like that yes, you two will fall in love, as one taking him by the hand at leading him to the door, that she’s to encourage him on his way, “and bring wonderful heirs into the African Juttah, into the what?" "I'm just saying, Amirah Jordon, and you still Kars haven’t told me what am I suppose to do with Jerome, aren‘t they literally married?“ “Don't you Carrington Hymm know what a stunning young man you are?” “You know something, something you’re not telling, just go to her, she's looking for you, ---thank you Kars, I think, ---you don't have to thank me, I love you remember, I will Carrington Hymm always love you, now hurry alone.” “I’m going, ---I’m going, ---so does this mean you’re to marry Edwin, perhaps, you know he’s all wrong for you, we’ll see I guess, now go, be safe.” >>> "Have my proposal made an enemy of my love?" "No," unpleasantly sipping his drink into a slight glance into their surroundings at being unable to take notice of the direct attention they were getting. "You are not known to these classmates and friends as Rose Royce girl?" "Yes, then tell me, what is it that this mean?" "It mean my father is Artelon and Oil, the fuel king most call him, ah my blessed mother,” truly showing himself over wrought by this particular news, but this reality all the more lessen the possibility of a marriage between them. “You, know this be insane, not to harm but this rich father will never wed us, this is just the luck, I'm proposed of marriage by one of the greatest teens in this world America, your wish for marriage is a deadly wish.” “What I feel for you Casiphia has nothing to do with Papa, do we wed because my father is rich?" "No, it is not I who is rich but my father and though it's there for me these riches are not you." "They're not my love, thus they can't touch me in the secret places of burning intimacy, it won't sooth my aching heart.” “It can't Casiphia keep me in the places only my husband can indulge himself long, I think this be our death and that our warning as he is yet the father, thou I will marry this one I love, the one Shus'Shan that love me." "You Casiphia can't see this as yet,” as one entangling her small fingers into his giant fingers like so, would Shus' Shan Artelon go on at unveiling plans on how they would awaken from the morning of the prom promise husband and wife. “But this isn't death but eternal life and love, ---then all the more Shan I’m to honor both it and you, keep it close to my heart, from this time forward, it's Casiphia and Shus'Shan forever, truly my love, forever.” <<<“So whose fantastic ideal was this?” “It was either this or the town hall, town hall, you’re kidding right?” “Am I?” With the prominent bachelor/bachelorette party now performing itself so impressively at the Coogan Mansion was this now the place all the senior males and females had been cordially invited, an invitation now well publicized and honored. “Too bad he’s a punk bastard huh?” “You always read my mind exactly, why don’t we take him to the back and drill the hell out of him, you know make him admit it or else.” It was indeed a last time to celebrate the single life and thus they were, such the wild, crazy and entertaining keepsake. “Admit huh, you really think he’s going to do that?” “You know who Edwin’s father is?” “He’s a politician, looking to be Governor, do you know what these kind of accusation toward his son would do for his career?” “Ah my god you’re, it get better, his mother is a Psychiatrist, and get this, she specializes in teen problems, ha, she definitely missed one.” This was truly an exciting time, and a time of joyous uncertainty yes, the girls becoming women and the boys becoming men, they both going on with their individual married lives. “Can we like talk?” “Kars, do you mind?” “I’m proud of you, proud of me?” “Yes, I look and I see Chels and I see her more happy than she’s been forever, so I’m proud.” “Yeah, take him, catch you later, yeah, sure, ---later.” Unable to deter the conversation she and Carrington had only hours prior, actually Karsiann didn't think he had it in him to be that apologetic. "I want to ask you about him, you know, will that be alright?“ “Yes, Stellan is good, it’s looking good for him, your father and your uncles, cousins Kars are geniuses, good, I’m happy.“ “So where's the one, Edwin I mean?" “Ah Heus, Agurus and Chris just took him from me, big brothers right, yeah, so over protective, I kidda heard about you and Carrington.” “Most Kars think you’re, you know, white, yes, but my mother, is apparently Negrod/Indian, and you know to really figure them, it’s like leaning onto our own understanding, ---you’re right, we’ll never figure out such non-sense.” “Ah god Kars I’m so nervous,” grabbing a supportive hold of friend and soon to be sister in Law, B. Karsiann, what times of fantastic sentiment laid ahead. “Why, Agurus is going to make the most wondrous husband, and I think Chels it's more like last minute jitters.” This was it for most of them, their final night of freedom, it was both exhilarating and as Chelsea just admitted nerve reckoning. Soon, their first marriage, their first intimate manner of intercourse, careers, and the most challenging, divine offspring. “Chels, ---Amirah, I couldn't leave here tonight Kars without thanking you, Carrie told me what you did, even what you said." "The last thing you or Carrie have to do is thank me for being my most honest, sincere." "That kind gesture Kars perhaps persuaded Carrie but I know how you truly treasured him and to past that you treasure most unto another was Kars one of the most selfless acts I've been a party too, so sincerely thanks." "Well Mir I can see I was right, I witness you two come in and you make such the expert couple, ---yes, I agree.“ “So you meant it, you really think Carrie will one day fall in love with me, that this union won't be just one of convenience?" "First Amirah Jordon is to stop selling herself so short, you are Coogan, there's nothing like you on the entire planet, secondarily Carrington Edwin realize he loved you the very second he was reminded how much you valued him." "Carrie said you spoke of heirs, a Juttah, whatever Kars that's to be, it's Mir to be the beginning of the end, now go, enjoy Carrie and the others before all this is made so divine and eternally permanent." “Ash, Kars, how wondrous, ---look I can’t tell you how much I truly love that outfit, its amazing isn’t it, yes, it is, your mother designed it, my mother?” “Wow!” “As if you didn’t know, no, no I didn’t know, I must admit I‘m a little jealous, yeah I know, right.”


-“All eyes seem to be toward us,” with a benumbing Asian Shus'Shan modeling throughout her last night of latitude in a Saurus/Coogan Princess gown all eyes momentarily were on these two fabulous teens. “Well I’m used to it, plus Erion I’m sure it only appear that way, come and I’ll show you how this is suppose to work.” A phenomena article straight from their Paris store, Cherchez La Femme Emporium, (Look for the woman), clearly this especial $150,000 gown was entitled, La Belle Dame, (The beautiful woman). Likewise if Tiffany Ann Saurus had anything to do with it, you best believe it bore its name magnificently straightforward. “It is not Erion with jumbled nerves, but this, this company of, of lookers looking at us, at you, the astonishing one.” This year Princess was a shimmering satin full length brilliance slightly lavender in tint, it's unite hugeness dazzled of a V neckline. That escorted by very discrete, hand woven loops, that worshipped with special coalescing Shus'Shans' ebullient bosom. “You look amazing as well, I didn’t think it was possible that you’re to bedazzle me more than before, but believe me Erion, truly you do.” Caressing with unyielding, simply astounding matrix her excellent frame and vanishing hip line. Would it then gloriously and riotously summons its riveting onslaught of superb crinkles their stupendous waterfalls. “I don’t know Shan if you’re to flatter or insult, then indeed Erion you’re deranged, how can I insult something so wondrous as you.” An amazing fit this mind-blowing gown that tail spin into an inconceivable softly silken mode with a luxurious lace intertwine at its lavish underpinning. “You seem dis-tracted somewhat, no, just completely overwhelmed Shan I assure you, this is some amazing place, prom, that is.“ Escorting her was one of the Beauty Pack, the tall, dark and extremely handsome Erion Kalen Steele, the brilliant son of once Super Models Vincent and Melamine Steel. “It is, isn’t it, though I Erion helped decorate it, it is yet beyond what I’d in, well we’d in the beginning fashioned.” Not being persuaded of Shus'Shan to pretend she was betrothed to him he went along with her for like most of the guys in school he liked her very much. What?“ “No, I was waiting to see who Kars would be with, you mean someone other than Edwin Millen?” Sporting one of Dissuasion’s original men evening wear, a black of white Penguin tuxedo, with a shorten tail. A truly grand look, one emphasizing eloquently his white on black leather shoes. A stunner one well girded about the waist in a soft, silken lavender girdle, again emphasizing Shus’Shan marvelous, very dashing mien, were they both two of the most sort after seniors in school. “I don’t see Kars or Edwin Millen, I can’t say I’m shocked, but you can Erion say you’re relieved, right?“ Although would all this as soon be a thing of the past, as the infamous bell would soon toll and thousands of balloons would be released where most of the pledges would be completely different people on the morning.


-“I don’t understand, ---understand?“ “We trusted you, even more Edwin we trusted our sister with you, ---how many freaking ways can I tell you guys I’m not Tkamb!” “Tell me that, ---Clint!” “What the hell, remember how I told you I believed you, how I trusted you, well I’ve been following you every since, and guess what?“ ---“Shut up,” tussling furiously against them holding him, that his primary friend knew and would tell of his evil deeds. “You hear me, you lying bastard, shut up!” “Me, ah now I’m the liar?” “What’s happening back here?” “We Kars been trying to find a way to tell you, to tell me what, Edwin?” “He’s Tkamb, though he, --yes, ---I know, ---what?” Shocking everyone in attendance, but had B. Karsiann led him along as Jesus knowing, and leading a betraying Judas along. “Come with me, what the heck is this Kars?” “Explain, I don’t have to explain myself to either of you, I knew, just as the messiah knew his betrayal, I knew, I simply wanted to know how far he would go.” “Will you come?” Again handling her hand toward him, that she’s to take him, lead him out, away from the danger of her vengeful protectors. “You’ll just gonna let him go?” As one getting in their way a hurt Agurus, and attending Heus couldn’t believe she’d mislead them this way. “Just like that, do you know how much danger, my god Kars I can’t believe this, believe you.” “I’m sorry ok, I should’ve told you guys, but I had to see how far he would really go, ---come, I want you to get out, you’re to never again come near me or my family.” “Kars, what, what are you going to say huh?” “That you’re sorry, when you’re not, that you really wouldn’t have gone through with it when it’s plain Edwin, you would have.” “There’s a particular scripture in Proverbs which plainly say, lean not unto your own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path, make your bed day and night.” “Get out, no harm will come to you, --just, let me, --Kars, ---it Edwin would be very unprofitable for you to speak, but, I, ---no you shouldn’t have, I mean how many various ways is there, that we’re to learn from this example?” “Simply what that board way leading to death and judgment truly is?” “I’m afraid I don’t, ---good night Edwin, good life, hope thou in God, for he shall continually be all of mankind’s help.” “I would have married you and happily spent the rest of my life with you, adoring you, but the most tortuous things for you Edwin is that you know this right well.” >>>"Next!!!" As one readying his book, was the clergyman as many times before assisting many waiting to wed, as this was the prom promise. "Give me your name, ---your names, please!” "Ah, ah, Covington Hymm, I'm Myreah Raine Coogan, where are your papers?" As nervous as any imagining they both waste no time getting set to give to each other of one another, a divine order sealing the two as one. "Well I see you're wearing your something white,” with Carrington and Amirah Jordon playing at them so were they almost too nervous to give a descent respond. “Go right through those curtains, can you believe this?” “Hey,” as one jarring a playful shoulder into a truly nervous Myreah Raine stunning eyes, flailing heart growing skyward, this inconceivable Cathedral in only moments she and Covington would be husband and wife, truly how could she not be nerve-wrecked? “You’re not nervous are you?” "No, I mean I don't, pinch me, ouch, I didn't mean, my heavens Carrie, look at this place, yeah and all these people!” As those vastly overtaken by the vastness of this Cathedral, could they barely believe their eyes, even their overwhelmed hearts, bellies, it was all truly astonishing. "Remember all the rumors”? “Ah yeah, they all Mirah seem to be all true, ---I have to ask, are you sure about this?” “No, but I Carrie love you so much, and this Jerome guy?” What Jerome guy?” “You, then let’s do this, huh?” Is that Kars?” “No, I mean I don’t, you know it’s hard to tell, that is Edwin though right?” “Hey, hey they’re calling us,” as one taking a deep, ready, get set breath, a no turning back exhale, was Carrington and Amirah Jordon to wed actually. <<<{{{“Yeah, Heus here," as one hurriedly whisking his communicator out, were they rushed as well at getting themselves to the temple on time. "What did you, ---will you, --ah what, --ah, ---wait, will everybody,” as one plugging his ear with his finger, at tilting his head to hear clearly, but did it sound as though Hudson Leak had mention an explosion. “I can’t hear, ---ah, ---ah bomb!” “What do you mean a bomb?” “O,---ah, ah threat, but we get, ---what is it?" A beautiful Aslan as so all the others were concern, even mortify at what they thought they heard.“ “Did he say a bomb?“ “Look the Rinnah Catheral is gone, ---gone, ---what, what are you talking, as so Heus a lot of our graduating class, listen!” As one holding the receiver in direction of a massive explosion could Hudson, nor Christopher believe what they were seeing, hearing, ---Heus, what is it?” “It’s crazy man, really crazy.“ Heus, you’re scaring the hell out of us, ---talk!“ Once with Agurus Heus driving like a madman, getting them to the church on time, shocked and dismayed as the others was he etching nearly to a complete stop "Heus!“ ----“What the hell!” “There’s been an explosion, Rinnah, ---what, my god what?” “Look Hudson is on the receiver, I could even hear in the background, ah bomb?“ “So Hudson where is Chris, Myra?” “She can’t be in their Hudson man, she just can’t be, --Chris is right here, but Myra and Bree, we don’t know, I can’t believe this Heus man, I can’t freaking believe this.}}}” “So what do we, --Heus!” “What do we do, you know?” “I don’t Agurus man know, ---well, is this, ---ok, ok, I know, I’ll get you and Salada, ---no, no I’m, we’re going with you guys, it‘s not safe, it, can‘t be safe.” "It's happening isn‘t it?" Astonished as this at relaxing back into a just as jilted Aslan Myreh, was this news like a prophecy come true. “My god it's happening, what's happening Heus?” “There was something Preece Ebonee told me, something not quite believable, but something that has been realized since the redeemers death and resurrection.“ “The reason he made me a Preece, --a Preece, he can do that?" As one starting to again pick up speed where they able to find news on the radio verifying what Hudson Leak Aggart had told Heus Agurus. “What the heck are you talking about Heus man?” “Preece Ebonee told me a day would come whereas all the nations, churches and people around the world would honor and obey what the messiah was telling the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well." "That she, that eventually we would no longer have to worship the supreme in temples and mountains reenacted by man.” “You see the messiah has entered into the holy place one time, through that offered his own blood, flesh and since that point he has actually taken out the middle man.” “Meaning Heus what?“ “Meaning away with churches, with cathedrals and god-men, meaning Agurus, to give to the Supreme and to thus receive from Him all we have to do is both worship Him and serve Him in spirit and in truth.” "Whatever promises we're to make, whatever vows, it's no longer a middle wall, or partition between us and the Supreme, that throne, it's us, our promise, our redeemer and the Supreme.” “Are you saying what I think you're saying?" "That all Chels and I are to do is kneeled, ---you guys hear that?” ---“And look, fire and smoke you can see it from here, my god it’s real, it’s really real, I was hoping it was all a mistake, it’s hardly a mistake.” “What has happen?” Sticking his head from the window, taking to a dismayed as themselves bystander, did all seem like the end of the world. “You can’t see it from here but the Rinnah Catheral exploded only moments ago, the road is blocked off, there’s no telling how many people are dead, so young, their whole life ahead of them.” “We should park here and walk right?” “Yeah, that seem right, so what do we do, how do we marry?” “Like Preece Heus said, the Juttah Vows, ---the what?” “I know Syeward know them, Preece Rimmon know them, we speak them, they’re just as binding, even more so.” “I don’t know Heus, you know you trust me right?” “Yes, always, then we’ll be alright, everything will be alright.” “How can you say that when thousands of our friends could be dead, where’s Kars huh, where’s Myra and the others?” Pristan could be in there, my god this is insane, I can’t believe someone would actually do this, lets go, lets get as close as we can.”


-"Hello again viewers, this is Corronda Stuart, and Kimberly Nolan
coming to you again from the Hike's Peak High where it's Prom night is
quickly transforming into a night of eternal promise.” “Standing with us here are tonight Chaperones New York General Chief of Surgeons Dr. Matthew Hymm and his gorgeous wife, the Vice President of the famous Fashion Center" "Dissausion, Erica Lynn Hymm.“ “Let’s get to the main point of view here," as one readying to query a handsome Dr. Matthew Hymm, was ‘Wedding Now,’ becoming one of the most popular shows on the Communicator. "Is it true that you have a son that was betrothed tonight?" "Yes, that’s correct" Matthew Edwin Hymm who was splendidly performed by a marvelous twenty style Tuexdo, was soap opera stunning, tall, brilliant and bold, such an overall stunning character. "Our son Carrington and his affiance Amirah Jordon Coogan, ---are you Mr. Hymm quite sold on this ideal, turning a night at the prom to a night of promise and Nupital Agreements?" “I can better answer that Mrs. Nolan, Mrs. Stuart, by sharing with you what I don't like, ---excuse me,“ as one instead reaching into his pocket for the twentieth time disabling his personal communicator, this time cutting it off. “I don't like the Millions of deaths our teens die annually, most not even seeing their twentieth birthday, that’s their twentieth birthdays because of R-AIDS, DSTD, RSTD, VDR and last but horribly not least" "T-KAMB." "I'm a doctor, a surgeon, as you two well know, I see what happen to these girls.” “I've seen their vital sexual organs ripped to shreds by T-KAMB rapes, sodomy and if this spiritual union called marriage will save some, even my sons, Covington as well, then yes I support it one hundred percent.” “So how does it feel Mrs. Hymm?" With a riveting as themselves Corronda Bren now querying them, looking like a model herself did she come beautifully dressed for the occasion. "Knowing you're going to awaken to new daughter-in-laws?" "Well as you pretty much know this isn't our first, our Son Tristian was a party to a Prom Promise a year past, and we awaken to a fabulous new daughter whereas we couldn't have been happier,” as one dazzling beyond words in a famous Dissausion evening gown Erica Lynn had herself crafted, did she and husband Matthew make a marvelous pair. "Especially now Mrs. Stuart that we're expecting our first grandson, I'm sure this time will be equally joyous.” “You Mrs. Stuart, you have a daughter that was betrothed tonight as well?" "Yes, my daughter Aslan Myreh, the scholar they call her, ---and what is the name of her betrothed" "I'm very happy to say, Heus Agurus Coogan, the one voted at Hike's Peak High as the one most likely to rule the Country.“ “Like the Hymms, Mrs. Stuart, you had a son that married during the 2011 Promise?" "Yes," amused so that they knew so much about her, had Wedding Now taken her on not only as it host but it‘s guess as well. "Jj, ---in case you viewers out there are wondering, Jj is the infamous King Teen Model Dillane, his wife the Queen Teen model C'ezanne, the heart throbs of the century.” “You Mrs. Stuart want to tell us your views surrounding the Teen Nuptial Agreements, I would have to agree with some of the things the Hymms have already shared, this is a way of life now and those who don't agree may as well get used to it.“ “There's no argument Mrs. Nolan coming from our children, they're known as the brightest and most brilliant teens in decades, of this we should be very proud, ---thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hymm and you Mrs. Stuart?” “May I say as well how I agree with my daughter-in-law C'ezanne during her interview with Inquiring Minds." "Our teens are indeed ready for this, look at the battles they've fought, battles as Dr. Hymm described they’re winning to remain clean in such a hideously chaotic world.” “This prove without doubt how centered they are, ---how Mrs. Nolan responsible and dedicated.” “There you have it people,” a delightful Kimblerly Nolan was making that the end, was she too dress as a woman out on an extravagant date. "Three of the most famous parents on this planet speaking from experience, Dr and Mrs. Hymm, with our own Mrs. Corronda Stuart.” “Actually Mrs. Stuart and I are about to close shop here as the majority of our teens have so abandoned us and this years prom, before we’re close for this evening Mrs. Hymm, tell our viewers about the Nuptial Temples that have been established to accompany the parties of Prom Promises.“ “I’ll be glad to, the Nuptial Temple are grand Cathedrals made up of clergymen from various denominations and religions from around this world.“ “They're at these various temples to perform whatever kind of martial ceremony the espoused might desire, they're quite extraordinary, well fitted for the cause, again no manner of expense was spared.“ “It is estimated that sixty to even seventy percent of Hike's Peak High school graduating class will wed anywhere between tonight and the weekend, that mean as we speak hundreds of rings and proposal are going forth this night, believe us when we say our children are in good hands this night of all nights before them.“ “We again want to thank this years stunning as ever Chaprones Dr. and Mrs. Hymm as we here at wedding now truly wish them, and you all the blessing, thank you and goodnight, ----anddddddd cut.“ “We still don't know what those explosions were about?" “Did we hear explosions?” Kimberly as well as Corronda were gravely concern, it was apparent something awful was happening but no word as yet. "Yeah I kept waiting for the broadcast to be interrupted, apparently they themselves weren’t sure,” with her assistant handing Corronda’s personal communicator her way, an urgent transmission, did she like the others have a sinking feeling something or someone was targeting the prom promise.

Scene XXV

“It’s now my Preece Lord or for always and forever hold thy peace,” as one standing long enough in the connecting bath between Karsiann and Heus’ room talking to his concerned reflection in the mirror. Had a nervous Preece Ebonee through a state of immense grief cut himself completely bald. "My love, why weepiest thou?" “My god what are you, you can’t be here, shouldn’t, be here.” Startling her something fierce did she at finding and arm by arm putting on her night retire at all points feel, as so response as one who'd been betrayed. “You’re my lord not, -I came to you just as soon as I talked to, but how, -how are you Lord Preece even here seeing you've return to Africa for three days now?" "With all honor my Preecest and respect I couldn't abide by such a decree without first seeing you." "He think, ---he?” “I think, even know, I'm to love, --no," as one shaking a head of disagreement at disappointedly backing into the edge of the bed away, could she not, no, she had to be dreaming, it just wasn’t real. “Please don’t say that, the last thing we Lord Preece found was love, we're both unto life and earth changing appointments thus what we discovered was nothing more than a detour, perhaps.” “A, ah De------'tour?" “We were Preecest Karsiann always so honest, it was the most special part of our amity now this ravenous manner of discontent?" “If discontent as you say is another word for truth, then discontent it is, ---don’t run,” capturing her soft hand, as so it’s stunning glance, was B. Karrsiann, this beauty beyond staggering to realize this was indeed real. “I swear my Preecest there are lands, territories and pristine landscapes so fantastic all around us that it’s to be forbidden to look upon them, but none my lord as when I first laid eyes, -how did you get in here?” Coming close to him, that she’s to touch him, and yet not believe this was all so real, that it was even possible. “Go ahead sweet Lord, take my hand, know that I’m here with you, that I can hardly bare it, but here I stand.” As one wanting to all the more examine him, his lovely hands, their expert fingers, had either of them only imagined being this close one to the other. “Your hands, even their fingers, they seem so real, -“My Preece,” that she’s to turn upon him, wipe his tears as well, his keen cheeks, and edible smooth skin, nose, mouth. “I will kiss you now, -so did you and Heus plan this?“ “I don’t understand, how, no, why would your loving brother and I conspire against you?” “Because that’s what guys do, isn’t it?” “The Supreme as this witness, Preece Heus was as stun to see and speak with me, like you he thought I’d return home to New Ethiopia.” "It’s now evident I Preecest Karsiann put forth much effort at this gallant amplification, as I‘m missing you in ways without proficient narrative" "You are my Lord Preece to make us as one?" Witness upon as one drawing again close, as one striking his gentle, smooth cheek like so, those unspeakable, leaking eyes, tears which are to design this phenomena creature so. "I know my Preecest it's the purpose for which I'm, we're born but you’re right to be suspicious for I cannot.” “You’re to remember my Lord Preecest, I'm not even here, I'm making ready at appearing before the Juttah Council that they Lord Preecest from, -shhhhhhh,” desirously laying a perfumed finger against a sorely tempting mouth, at unfastening his shirt, at wiping it away to a baby smooth, muscular chest, truly there would be no easy escape for Lord Darius. “It is you who is to remember my Preece, what I said when last I wrote you, how do I dare forget, you are to tell me when we're meeting you're the one to ask and you're the one to receive.” “If that Lord Preece isn’t the reason you're come, then why?" "I can't sweet Preecest have you breaking like this, I'm to remind you greater trials my love are to befall us.” “Then you're here to torment me, for you indeed torment me, -not at all to torment I assure you, I'm here my Preecest desiring to inhale and devour that I treasure.” “There vowing to never, ever let her go, it’s then apparent I’m committing my greatest treason for love, you of all people know that.” “No, all I know Lord Preece is I'm the one asking,” as so un-fastening his slacks, at wiping them away, down to his knees, “thus I'm the one to receive, my Preecest,” suddenly upon him, as one biting into his perfumed neck, that delectable mouth, a just as sorely delectable tongue, at pushing him to the bed, removing his shoes, socks, his slacks, this well artist male, a serious thief was it all. “Ah god I’m aching for, -shhhhhh,” equally placing a just as delectable finger over his urgent to cry mouth into an additional kiss of her voracious tongue, were there small explosions throughout piping blood so mighty.” “We must say the vows first, correct?” “My Preecest, I don’t know, I, I, please my heart desire help me, I don’t know what to do.” “Isn’t that my Preece what the vows are for, that we’re to be even from God’s throne, to Christ’s cross certain?” “I, I can’t,” easily vacillating at laying an intimate discharge as this to her forward, at reconsidering, what of his Juttah vows already, this plan so enormously beyond them both? "Kars, my Preecest hear me please, look at me, I am looking at, -do you know what you’re doing, what you’re asking of the Supreme and of us?” “Do you know what you ask of even the African Juttah for all eternity?” “I know ok, I’ve always known, -do you know I could make you a widow only hours from now?” “I’m serious, ---this my love, my Preecest is serious, my Supreme do we realize what we're doing, again the eternal implications of what we're doing?" "I see my Preece is so ready for me,” having word for his word, of his concerns, even resistance undressed him. “And Sweet Preece,” as one pulling that night retire over her head into an astonishing beyond word bareness, would this be a haunting, even bewitching invitation of these two amazing love birds. “I am so ready for him, ---then for a certainty we must say the vows first, -no come, we’ll kneel right here, clasp individually our hands.” “We’ll then Preecest Karsiann bow our heads, then with all sincerity pour out of our hearts a vow of marriage that‘s to be forever.” “I will start first, you do remember the vows?” “Assuredly Lord Preece as you taught them to me, am I Preece Lord persuading you against your will?” “No, I would never let you or anyone else Preecest persuade me against my will, I’m not Preecest being beguiled by some malicious woman.” “Nor are you being enticed by some evil man, I love you in, in, and you this Preece lord, ---just that it’s to be the Supreme’s will, just my Preecest that it’s to be the Supreme God’s will.” “I the Preece am not a child, I am a man, I fully understand and comprehend the vows I will share.” “I Preece Ebonee Be’le Kroff being of sound mind and of sound, natural and spiritual birth, do hereby take thee Preecest Karsiann Coogan to be my lawfully and avowed wife, to have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of my life.” “This is the solemn vow I make not only before man, but before God from whom it is better not to make a vow than to make one and not keep it.” “I the avowed Preece kneeling before my vow and before many a witness and a graceful God.” “I herewith promise to love my avowed Preecest for richer or poorer, for the best and for the worse, in illness and in health until spiritual quietness take us into it's eternity.” “As I've forsaken all others, I do love, I will love, you Karsiann Coogan are this love, my wife and coequal, thy avowed Preece, thy avowed husband.” “Now, ---god, my heart sweet Preecest is pounding, so, you, you ---I the Preecest am not a child, I am a woman, I fully understand and comprehend the vows I will share.” “I the Preecest being of sound mind and of sound, natural, spiritual birth do hereby take, thee Preece Ebonee Be’le to be my lawful and avowed husband.“ “To have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of my life, this is my solemn vow I will make not only before man.” “But before God, toward whom it is more blessed not to vow, than to make a vow and not keep it.” “I the avowed Preecest standing before many a witness and a graceful god therefore promise to love you, my avowed Preece for richer or poorer.” “For better or worse, in sickness and in health, until spiritual quietus untie us, suspending us into its eternity.” “As I've forsaken all others, I do love, I will love, you are this love, my husband and coequal Preece Ebonee Be’le Kroff, thy avowed Preecest.


-"This is London Peterson reporting and what you are seeing is the enormous blaze behind a massive, massive explosion here at Rinnah temple were hundreds of students from various high schools have been left so unprepared as well many are believed dead.“ “I'm even more horrified to report things just as horrendous is happening to various other Nupital Temples,” as one checking her list was she moments earlier too overwhelmed emotionally to make this report. "At this location south, we have the Temple Rinnah, The Temple of Syracuse on the north, the Temple of Onam on the east and the Melech Temple on the west all suffered identical attacks.“ “The authorities are encouraging all relatives that despite how impossible it is, to please use the emergency communicators given you instead of making an appearance at already severely visited areas.” “Again judging by the severe damage here and the horror of so many spectators these attacks are the greatest tragedies we have seen here in a very, ---excuse me" as one calling out to weary by-standers, was it apparent they‘re more than suffered a lost but was themselves lost. "Do you two know what happen here?" "Yeah, the damn place just blew up, my wife and I were walking to our car when suddenly this ponderous explosion knocked us from our feet.“ “Are you young sir telling the viewers you and your new wife barely escaped this?" "You damn right", as one roughly wiping his smut face at pulling a yet stun Amirah Jordon along, could they not believe this was happening, and where was his brother, cousins and friends?” "I didn't quite get your name there, that's because I didn't quite give it, it’s Carrington Hymm, ----damn it!” As one leaning into a rest into his knees was he getting upset at upsetting a yet crying Amirah Jordon at soon wrapping her about his neck, this tried to the limit embrace. "I had friends in there, ---damn it!“ “As you can see people it is a mad house here as the parents are getting word of this immense living, breathing nightmare.” One just as a young Mr. Hymm said, an eruption so fantastic, so suddenly he and possibly just wedded wife, as so many teens were doing here in the parking area were lifted right off their feet by the colossal explosion.” “I wish I could tell you the temple was barely visited this night, but that’s just not true, as it was full to its limit, they all were, again this is London Peterson reporting, WHBS evening news.”


"{{{I don't care Tif what they say I'm going, I got to know whether Jordan and Shawn are,-I'm just saying they're encouraging parents not to come down there, that it’s to only Sissy exacerbate the problem.” “I mean have you tried calling them?" "You think Tif honey I would be this panic if I could reach them?" As one getting into her car, fastening her seatbelt, putting her keys in the ignition, that despite what a good friend Tiffany was saying, she just had to follow her own fears and instincts. “Where's Kars Tif?" "I don't, where's Heus and Agurus?" "Ok, ok, you're right, I'll meet you down there, I know you’re trying to be strong and all but I’ll feel better Tif if I’m there and not here you know. “ <<<{{{"I can't begin to tell you how truly mad it is here at the Temple of Syracuse and how truly gloomy, the black smoke is so intense the fireman themselves are finding it hard to work, and the smell here, my god the smell of burning flesh is simply abominable.” “Then there’s the anguishing cries of those injured, with hundred of confirmed deaths, still hundreds missing.“ “This heinous attack against our children is being recognized as the worse attack of terrorism in this nations history, the questions being ask here is how?" "Why?" "Who?" "This is Mark Whitehall reporting, WMI Eye Witness News". >>>”There’s been a tremendous blast at four nuptial temples tonight, this you see here is the Onam Nuptial Temple where hundreds of young people have lost their lives this evening and were hundreds waiting to marry and to give into marriage have been injured,” <<<”Dillane," as one trying to wake her slumbering husband to literally impossible news an overthrown C'ezanne was cutting the tube up, backing again into a seat away. <<<"Yes, my wife and I had just left when suddenly this great explosion, ---“my, what T. V., what?” Wiping his sleepy eyes into a seat up, awake into finding and putting on his shirt, could he not believe C’ezanne was disturbing his sleep, “where’s the baby, what’s going on, wait, isn’t that Carrie and Mirah, ok what the hell is, attacks Dill, one on the very temple we married in, many students are dead, ah god where's the receiver, where's the damn, it's right here, get yourself and little Dill packed, we're leaving, shouldn’t you wait to hear, now Ann, right now!” <<<"He shield me, one moment we were next in line and the next I was on the floor wiping what felt like glass from my eyes, clearing it from my throat, my burning nose and wondering horribly what had happen." As one barely able to contain herself Shaughnessy Coogan, (Shawn) was crying, crying and trying to make sense out of the horrendous events unfolding all around her, even those within and throughout her. "That's what am saying, then horribly I remembered Justice, but when I went to touch him his garments crinkled in my hand, he was burn, he was burn right up, like he was cremated or something.” “I know you’re upset honey but shouldn‘t you go to the hospital, I told them no, no I’m going home, I got to get home., I need to get home” “There you have it people, only one of many gruesome testimonies this night, I must say it is unbelievable, the explosion expert has confirmed that at least three average size bombs was placed strategically throughout the Temple Melech, this definitely was no accident, the question now is who would commit such an atrocious act and why? Twenty people, twenty seniors have been confirmed dead at this sight alone, hundreds are missing and still hundreds injured and though the fire has finally been contain the madness surrounding this hideous misdeed has just began.” “ Unthinkably for many, instead of a marriage bed, well you get the horrid, horrid picture, truly as a substitute for graduation ceremonies bringing a grand closure to one of the most successful Promise Night in history, there is major, major confusion, carnage and tragedy instead, this is Melinda Smarts reporting, WMR Evening News


"{{{C'ezanne, ---yes, ---yes I did, ---let me speak to Trist, ---Lane?" "Hey I’m out the door what about you?" "Are you serious, I mean the Dean is in, I don't care Trist man, I need to get to my family, you’re serious aren‘t you, you damn right I'm serious, I just saw them interview Carrie and Mirah, the explosion knocked them from their feet.” “Your baby brother Trist man, they barely escape alive, wait a minute, what about Coven?" "Coven, you’re kidding me right?” “I don't even know where Ash is, they're reporting that hundreds of students are either dead or missing at each temple.” “I called home before calling you Trist man, there's no answer, I'm going, Dean Anderson or no I’m gone, well give us thirty and we'll be with you}}}" "What it is?" “This nightmare Ann just came home, Lane just saw them interview Carrie and Mirah, they were only seconds from being blown to splintering.” “My god, what is happening to our world?” “I'm going, and there’s no way Tarsh I'm going without you, what about our classes, the threats?" "Hundreds are dead Anne, what are the chances that neither of those dead isn't one of my brothers, or many of my cousins, close friends?” “Please, I told Dill to give me thirty, I meant exactly that." <<<“You hear what’s happening?” “Nall Paul what’s happening now of all days, the temples, explosions, what, what are you talking about, this,” as one spinning the communicator, the firing off of breaking news around to a waiting to be impressed Nicholas Edin. “My, ---what are, who’a, what temple?” “My god, as one instantly horrified, having three graduates of his own, said graduates where under attack in ways indescribable. “Let me call Tiffany, I have a daughter and two, -hello, -yeah I just got the news, please tell me the kids are all ok.” “I can’t Nicholas tell you what I don’t know,” as one cutting up the volume of breaking news on the communicator, was she thinking she and Susan should’ve made this trip together. “I’m in route now, which Nicholas is literally impossible with so many others doing the same.” “Hundreds Nicholas are dead, ---children?” “Yes, that’s what they’re saying, I tell you what, this traffic is impossible, I’ll call you as soon as I get clear, as soon as I get word.” “I’m calling the airport, I’m going to be home as soon as I can, I was wishing you would say that, I can’t tell you how terrified I am.” “They’re ok, right, that’s what we’re to believe, that’s what we’re keep telling ourselves, that they’re alright?” “I’m gonna get there, I’m gonna get there as soon as I can secure a flight, even Tiffany if I have to go private, I’ll be there within hours.” “We feared Brad they would attempt something but nothing like this, nothing of this magnitude.” “Man, I can’t believe this, did you get them, no, not a one of them, Sissy isn’t answering her communicator, nor the kids, you?” “I got Tiffany, she and Nickie just talked, he’s to catch the first flight home, I’m going.” As one arm by arm putting his jacket on, having to do something, get to them, home was a fatherly like Syefan Coogan not waiting any longer. “I know it’s a nightmare out there, but it’s one here as well, you know the not knowing, ---hey you had me with I’m going.” “I’m scared Brad, I know Sye, I’m scared too, but we’re going do this, we’re gonna hope for the best, that these horrors were close, were nigh, but that’s all, we have to believe that.” “Ah god he’s dead, having spend a considerable time in the shower trying useless to wipe it all away, was Shaughnessy mentally unstable, “Justice is dead, all my friends, dead, ah god I need to get out of this water, but why?” “Justice is dead, burn up like he’s a worthless piece of paper, ” as one finally easing from the showers, draping her body and soon her head, into a seat upon the bathroom-bench could a distraught as this Shaughnessy Coogan not believe what she’d just seen. What she’d just experienced, that her newly wedded husband had risked his life, dying a horrible death to save her. “My god he saved me, if he’d not pushed me out of the way, but he’s gone and I’m all alone, my god in heaven he’s gone, ---Justice is gone.” “Shaun, Mirah, are you guys here?” Having made it home speedier than anticipated did Syefan Erin hope for a miracle, that his teen daughters were miraculously there, at home safe, terrified like himself but safe. “Is anyone here?” Hearing her desperate father but unable as yet to make her presence known did a mortified Shaughnessy sit extremely quiet. “Shaun, is anyone in, Mirah, is that you?” “It me dad, Shawn, I’m ok, I’m showering,” seeing he’s to immensely try the door, at backing her crying self there against, possibly to cry him an emotional river, could she not see him as yet. “You sure you’re ok, what about Justice, your sister, you seen Mirah?” “Last I saw her Papa, she was with Carrie, on the news, yeah, I saw that, they escaped barely, what about mom she know you’re hear?” I really need to finish, get dressed before I catch cold, I’m gonna call mom, find Mirah, I love you baby, I’m glad you’re ok, thanks Papa, thanks a lot.” ---“O god, O god, O god, ---are you here?” “If you’re here Justice, your spirit, I’m so sorry this happen to you, I’m so sorry, I love you so much, so, so much.”


"I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see you two,” as one happily greeting her two lovely sons, did Tiffany Ann feel fortunate they were safe and unharmed, although there was no sign of B. Karsiann as yet. “I just talked to your father, he’s to get back here as soon as he can, so where's your sister?" “That’s just, ---we don't know Mom, we just spoke to Edwin, he and Kars didn't come here tonight, then where is she?" Glancing up and all around into all the chaos, it was inconceivable that someone had purposely sat bombs for killing and maiming of all places, in the midst of children. "We'll find her, but let us see you home first ---no, you boys should know by now I can take care of myself, I need to be here, just in, -come on mom, Kars isn’t here.” “Yeah, there’s nothing here but this unthinkable horror everyone’s trying to digest, Heus is right mom, according to Kars earlier she didn't even plan to marry?” “What?” “That, that wasn't the impression she gave me, yeah, we know, please mom, we got to get the girls out of here, you may as well go with them, Heus and I will find her.” “Heus, Agurus,” with a hurried, just as panic as themselves Covington Edwin rushing upon them, was it good to both see and hear he unlike so many of their friends, perhaps even family, he was alright. “Don't tell me something happen to Kars, ---no, we just don't know where she is right now, you didn't see her around the temple tonight did you?" No Heus I didn’t, but I just saw Edwin, yeah I, ---we talked to him, man, isn't this unbelievable?” “Try impossible, ---there's word that Ashton Morris was killed, are you serious?” ”He, ---what about Matt?” “Him too, ah god, ---there’s also word Kwanee was killed saving Shawn doing so, ---Justice, Justice is dead?” “Yeah, said he pushed Shawn out just in time but instead got crushed by burning debree, it’s just so not real.” “I mean most of the dead where couples, meaning you guys if one is dead the other is either dead or critically injured, what kept you guys out?" "Safe?" "Well Hudson called us and gave us a heads up and then we witness the explosion at the Temple Melech.” “Speaking of Hudson where is he?” I saw Hudson but thirty minutes or so ago, he took off that way, and was stopped by police officers, there was so much going on I got distracted from there, I hope he didn’t get hurt.” "I mean we were on the phone with Hudson and Christopher when the Rinnah temple went up, by the way whose gonna tell Chelsea, you know, how Kars is missing?" "You know they were like sisters, nobody, I don't think we should really discuss whose dead or missing, not until it's final, for all we know Kars could be home, yeah, yeah you're right." "Look Coven man we’re trying to talk mom home, like Heus say, for all we know Kars could be there, why don't you grab Myreah and you two come to the house later, I'll do that, I'll get Carrie and Mirah and do exactly that".


-"You guys here already?” Showing themselves gravely impressed Heus nor Agurus could believe how fast the two, Dillane and Tristan had arrived on the chaotic scene. “How did you guys get here so, all the way over here I was hoping it wasn't so, it's unbelievable,” with a fiery, glaring imagine on his face at sedatedly moving passed them, a shake of the head, into a flick of his nearing nostril, even seeing it, was it yet so unreal. "So you guys haven't been here long?" Turning with them into the major chaos T-Kamb had done many of an evil thing, but this, this was beyond any of that. "We got here as soon as we saw them interviewing Carrie and Mir, yeah Dean Anderson said we couldn't, but that scared the hell out of us, ---who could be this evil, to actually set bombs to kill teens or anybody for that matter?" “All those innocent young people just wanting to get married and start their lives and now they're dead.” “I know you guys Lane just got here, but you guys haven't seen Kars have you?" "Kars is missing?" “We don't know, I mean, we don't know if she actually came here, Carrie told me she and some Edwin was to marry, Edwin?" “We were just leaving, we're getting Mom and Aslan and Chelsea away, ---look why don't you guys stop by later, you know there's plenty of, ---yeah Heus we’ll probably do that,” not taking their attention from all the smoke, the sirens and cries still, it was as though they were on the set of a movie, that what they were seeing, hearing and the smell alone, it just couldn’t be real. “I know Dillane I haven’t as yet earn the right to call you Lane, I saw that look you gave me back there, but I’m, just take care of her.” “You know you’re not worthy of her, that she’s a million times better than you?” “Yeah, actually Dillane I do realize that, which is why I was reluctant to ask, you know, ---no, you did right, she’s crazy about you, don’t tell her I said that, thanks for keeping her out of this, thank Dillane the Supreme, he kept us out, as you say.” “Hey, you gonna make a real good brother, and you, a real good big brother, see you guys later, yeah later.” “You want to get out of here?” “Man Dill man, what is happening, what does all of this mean?” “We know Trist man, believe me we know, we may not admit it, or follow it’s warning, that advice, but we know what it all mean, you’re talking about the Exodus, yeah, Trist man, I’m talking about the Exodus.”

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. Preece Ebonee Be’le. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2011 By: The RAM, All Rights Reserved.

WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.

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For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and
then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again…Amen

Hurry Lord God, Prince Of Peace And Get Us All The Victory

A Ministry Above